Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween. Yes, I know I've started the blog a day early, but I really just don't care because I have stuff to talk about.

First off, it's Halloween.

I do enjoy Halloween.

It's just a fun holiday. Kids get to dress up as whatever they want (or whatever their parents can afford) and get free candy. That's fun!

And for me, it is the beginning of what I truly feel is the most wonderful time of the year. I love the fall, and I love the holiday season. Call me sentimental, but this time of year really makes me feel the importance of family.

And speaking of Halloween, we not only posted our Halloween strip up at Variety Smack (my web comic with Harold Jennett), Harold went above and beyond and provided this great piece of bonus art that goes right along with today's strip:

Click to Enlarge

I can so see that on a t-shirt . . . and maybe you will too at some point in the future (possible foreshadowing).

Another reason I'm starting the blog a day early is to talk a bit about National Novel Writing Month, and as I did that in the previous post, I don't need to do that here.

Happy Halloween!

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