National Novel Writing Month is Tomorrow - Am I Ready?

It all starts tomorrow. I sit down in front of my laptop and begin my (ugh, I hate the use the word "journey") road (there I go) to a 50,000 word novel. To be completed by the end of November.

Am I ready?

I think I am as ready as I can ever be. I don't have the story completely planned out yet, but I have the first third all plotted out. The next step is just to start writing.

Am I nervous?

Heck, I'm downright terrified! I have never done anything like this before. The longest story I've written thus far was 36,000 words, and it took me over three months to do that.

Do I think I will fail?

Oh yeah. Big time. But that's not stopping me from trying. I'll give it my best and if I don't have the first draft of the book written by the end of November, I'll just carry on and finish it in December, or January.

I'm going to try and post updates here as often as I can with my progress. I'll keep track of my work count up there in the right-hand corner, and I may even post what I've written each day. I haven't decided quite yet if I will do that, but I've found it to be a great motivator, so I may. I guess I'll decide for sure tomorrow after I see what I've written.

So wish me luck. Send good thoughts my way. And I'll just hope I have something to show for my efforts on November 31st.

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