Welcome to my new blog.

I know that the plan wasn't to launch until November 1st, but then my pal, Harold Jennett III, drew up this wonderful banner (you see it up there at the top) for the blog. I love the banner so much that I've decided to throw a little sneak peak at Steeven Orr Else.

So here it is in all its glory. I've got spots over there on the right where you can subscribe in a number of different ways. And you are really going to want to subscribe. I mean, this is going to be the place to be on the web.

Do you want to know a little about the place? Well, there's a handy About The Blog button right on top there, but as I like to try and make things easy on folks, here's what it says:

I like to think of myself of a writer. Not a professional writer, mind you, but I'm doing my best to get stuff written.

This blog was created to help me do just that.

What I've discovered is that I am just a naturally lazy person.

But then I discovered that if I have a place to post what I've written, then I feel like I'm writing for something. Thus, the new blog.

Most of what you will find here will be stories that I am considering first drafts. I'll spend a certain amount of time writing a story, and post it here as I'm writing it. Once it's all complete, then hopefully I have something that I can revise into a publishable story.

There will be posts on here from time to time in which I'm just speaking my mind, or trying to draw attention to something I like and want to share. I may even recycle posts from an older blog I used to run (which pretty much means that I will).

So, mainly this will be a place that I can post my stories, as I write them, will little to no revising, but to be revised into a Final Draft at some future date and then published. Published by me, more than likely. And hey, when that happens, you will be the first to know.

Do you want to know a little about me? Well, there's a handy About Steeven button right up top there, right next to the handy About the Blog button, but again, I'll make it easy:

STEEVEN ORR is a father of three and married to the love of his life. When he’s not helping with homework, or running errands, or paying bills, or working, or spending time with his family, or sleeping, or eating, or using the bathroom, Steeven likes to write.

Best known for next to nothing, Steeven aspires to be known for next to something. He’s currently penning a re-write of the classic tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, as well as working on a upcoming as-yet-to-be-announced graphic novel with Harold Jennett.

Steeven created the little known, but soon to be a worldwide phenomenon, character of Norman Oklahoma, an immortal private detective who fights zombies, meets bigfoot, and was once a close personal friend of Wyatt Earp.

Steeven has a big red beard that makes grown men cry and small children flee in terror.

He’s also prone to bouts of hyperbole, but he doesn’t think it’s catching.

You can’t follow Steeven on Twitter nor Friend him on Facebook, but you can read his blog here, as well as read exclusive content at the Ultra Friends Go! Studio Blog here.

Now that was fun, wasn't it.

There will be more to come, especially in November when I try my hands at National Novel Writing Month. So stick around, subscribe, and read.

Here it is. The blog.

Soon to be THE most important blog in all of human history.

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