The Saturday Morning Post - 001

The Saturday Morning Post is a little something I'm bringing over from the old blog.

It was nothing more than an excuse to post videos that featured songs from my past. It evolved into an excuse to post videos that were about whatever.

They could be movie trailers, something funny that I was shown that had been a smash hit on the net from three years ago, or clips from television shows that I enjoy.

They were always preceeded by a cartoon image of my face with a silly hairstyle, and they were nothing more than a bit of fluff to start your weekend (or your week, depending on when you viewed it).

So that's precisly what I'm going to do here.

I am just simply going to come in each week and post a video or two. The videos may be related. They may have a theme. Or they may have nothing at all to do with each other in any way.

I can't promise that I'll have something up each and every Saturday, and I can't promise that you will even enjoy what I post.

I can however, promise that I will enjoy it. And really, isn't that what truly matters?

This week, I wanted to post a couple of videos from an older (2000 - 2004) British Comedy that recently came to my attention.

Fran, Bernard, and Manny

It's called Black Books, and if I may quote Wikipedia, the repository for all knowledge in the universe:

Black Books is a British sitcom television series created by Dylan Moran and Graham Linehan and produced by Nira Park, first broadcast on Channel 4 from 2000 to 2004. Starring Moran, Bill Bailey and Tamsin Greig, it is set in the eponymous London bookshop Black Books and follows the lives of its hostile and belligerent owner Bernard Black (Moran), his enthusiastic assistant Manny Bianco (Bailey), and their neurotic friend Fran Katzenjammer (Greig).

More from Wikipedia:

Bernard Black is the proprietor of his small bookshop, Black Books. The series revolves around the lives of Bernard, Manny, and Fran. A central theme is Bernard's odd position as a belligerent and openly hostile shopkeeper who has a loathing of the outside world and all the people who inhabit it, except his oldest friend, Fran, who initially runs a trendy bric-a-brac shop, Nifty Gifty, next-door to the shop.

Bernard displays little enthusiasm or interest in retail (or, indeed, anything outside drinking, smoking, and reading) and actively avoids having to interact with anyone, even inside his shop, as he has a personal dislike of his customers, treating his bookshop more like a personal library. It is suggested that Fran and Bernard once slept together, but now they remain happy to be friends, sharing a love of smoking heavily and drinking to excess. Fran otherwise has a rather hopeless love life.

Manny is introduced in the first episode as a stressed-out accountant who enters the bookshop seeking The Little Book of Calm. During a drunken night out, Bernard offers him a job as a shop assistant and a room above the shop if he will do Bernard's accounts for him. Sobering up, Bernard realises Manny's optimistic nature is not suited to "this kind of operation". Fran, however, seeing that Manny is good for Bernard, forces Bernard to let him stay.

Many episodes are driven by Manny and Fran's attempts to force Bernard into a more socially acceptable lifestyle. Their efforts usually result in chaos, sucking them back into Bernard's nihilistic view of the world. The bookshop, which also doubles as Manny and Bernard's residence, is frequently depicted as being in an unhealthy state of dirtiness and often inhabited by animals and other unidentified creatures, while disorder is a frequent aspect of the running of the shop. Manny's attempts to improve both the shop and the residence often fail.

All of the episodes are available streaming on Netflix and on Hulu.

Oh yeah, happy New Years and stuff.

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