Weekly Writing 02 - Winter State of Mind

The mug was warm in my hands. Steam rose from the coffee within and left a stream of condensation on the window. I took a sip of the caffeinated joy and moaned slightly with pleasure as the heat seeped into me.

I smiled and looked out at the day through the kitchen window. A thick layer of new snow coated the world outside my house. All around me was white. Nothing moved. The sun was rising, shining onto the perfect stillness of the morning.

Nothing was more beautiful than a world resting beneath a blanket of untouched snow. I smiled again and pulled the robe tighter around me.

The robe was blue, plump, and comforting. It went with the slippers that hugged my feet in their thick and fluffy embrace.

More snow began to fall in large white clumps, like cotton balls falling slowly to the earth. Everything beyond the window was white, pristine, sterile … practically perfect in every way.

Inside I was warm and cozy. Cradled in the smell of newly brewed coffee. Swimming in the sounds of the Beatles playing softly on the stereo behind me.

Life was good. Nay, life was great. I lived for mornings like this. It was really all about moments when it came to life. That’s it. Just the moments. For me, the best moments happened as the day begun. When nothing stirred. These moments were great and were only made better in the dead of winter after a voluminous snowfall.

Mornings like this made me feel like I was the first one up and about. Not just in my house, but in the world. Everyone everywhere were all snug in their beds. Dreaming their little dreamy dreams. I, alone, was available to look on as the world slept. It was a special feeling.

Unfortunately, these moments are fleeting. They aren’t made to last. I suppose that’s precisely why they are called “moments”. So I finish my coffee and take one more look upon the unspoiled winter that lies just outside my kitchen window. I try to embed the picture on my mind. Hoping beyond hope to have something to carry with me, a fond memory to help get me through my day.

Because the fact is, regardless of the love I have for the perfect beauty of the landscape beyond my front door that lies still and silent and draped in white, I know that it won’t be long before I have to go out into it. Then the love will be lost as I dig my car out from what was once an object of peace. The air will thicken with curses as I shovel the snow, breaking my back and destroying my spirit. My heart will fill with fear each time I encounter another driver on the icy roads, which I’m sure will only result in more curses.

The best of winter happens indoors. Warm blankets. Snuggling with loved ones. Heating your insides with coffee, cocoa, or a big bowl of chili. It’s comfort. It’s pure and it’s simple. It’s wonderful. It’s perfection.

It’s when you’re forced to go out into it that you’re reminded that snow is ugly, indifferent, mocking, painful, but most of all, cold.

This comes from a story prompt from storydam.com which simply said: "Write a piece (fiction or non-fiction) in which your character is experiencing the worst part of winter."

To me, the worst of winter is going out into it. I hope I conveyed that affectively.


  1. I can totally relate to this! Snow is so pretty when it first falls and is untouched and it really does leave you feeling like you're the only one up. However, once you walk outside that door the nightmare begins. Blech!

  2. Reminds me of my own ambiguous relationship with snow. I like snow - to look at or to walk in (if you don't have to actually get anywhere), to play with...but if you have to get to work it's a nightmare. :)

  3. Oh yes. I love winter...from the warmth of my home :)

  4. You captured the way I feel about snow perfectly...It's best experienced by looking through the window while it's still perfectly untouched. AND while I'm wearing warm fuzzy slippers on my feet drinking coffee ;)

    Thanks for linking up again this week! Enjoyed reading your response to our prompt :)

  5. I love your word choices and how the scene's tranquility is its greatest appeal.

    The tone change is just perfect, too. Which makes me say that this one would also be perfect for the upcoming prompt over at The Lightning and The Lightning Bug