Variety Smack #1: Brainstorming

Last year, my good friend Harold Jennett and I started up a web comic called Variety Smack.

It was an impulsive kind of thing. Neither of us had the time to really commit to it, but it sounded fun and we jumped all over it.

It took eleven strips before we realized that we just didn’t have the time to put in to a weekly web comic, and so we put out strip Twelve, which basically told our smaller readership that we were going away for a while.

There is still plans on bringing the strip back, and if we ever do you’ll be sure to hear about it here first, but until then, I wanted to showcase the work we did over there by posting the strips over here.


Because I’m darn proud of them, that’s why.

Oh, and since my site isn’t set up for wide view, you’ll have to click on the strips to see the actual sized version.

Variety Smack #1: Brainstorming

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  1. Cute, too bad you don't have time for it.


  2. Ooh, I like. I agree, it's a pity you don't have time for it.

  3. Thank you, both.

    There are talks of bringing it back eventually, but we want to have 10-20 strips in the bag before we start it back up. That way we have a buffer if we start to lag.