Variety Smack #2: More Brainstorming

The following was originally posted on 10/26/2011:

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Wow! It’s Variety Smack #2!

I can’t speak for Harold, but we are only two strips in and already I’m having a ball.

So far Harold and I are the stars of the strip, but don’t get used to that. We have all kinds of stuff planned for the next few weeks . . . sort of.

These last two strips were actually inspired by real events. Harold and I get to talking, and we talk about all the stuff we want to do, creatively, and I have a tendency to mask my inability to come up with worthwhile ideas with any kind of quickness by spouting off whatever nonsensical crap that sprouts up in my head.

Harold, on the other hand, does have the ability to rattle off worthwhile idea after worthwhile idea with much quickness, and for that I will ever be envious and continue to spout off whatever nonsensical crap that sprouts up in my head because I know that deep down, it makes Harold sigh with a slight tinge of regret that he ever chose to work with me in the first place.

Hey, we all have our ways we amuse ourselves, right?

See you next time!

Steeven “Remember to Eat More Bacon” Orr

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