I'm Back ... From Outer Space

If you are a regular reader ... and I know there are at least 10 of you ... then you've noticed my absence the last couple weeks.

Well, I've been away from the world as I recovered from pneumonia.

If you've ever had it, then you know that it's a real butt kicker.

I coughed a lot. I slept a lot. I ran out of breath when trying to do the most basic of physical activities. I wheezed a lot. I generally just had a somewhat miserable time.

Except, I was home with the family, and that makes it all worthwhile. See, they talked about admitting me to the hospital at one point, and frankly, I'm glad I was able to kick it at home.

Anyway, I'm back.

I have more comics to post, not many, then I'll try to get back to some serious writing regarding subjects that aren't really all that serious.

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