Variety Smack #12: On Hiatus

The following was originally posted on 11/30/2011:

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Yes, unfortunately, as the strip somewhat refers to, Variety Smack is going on hiatus.

We wish we could tell you how long we will be away, but for the moment, we really don’t know.

See, Harold and I kind of leaped into this web comic with both feet and without any thought to all the other projects the two of us are working on, both separately and together. And now we have found ourselves with way too much food on our collective plates and no time to eat it all.

Something had to give, and so for now, Variety Smack will remain silent while the two of us finish up our other projects.

What other projects? Well, keep an eye on our respective sites ( and where news will surely be posted when there is news.

But have faith, dear readers, while we are away, we are going to be writing and creating strips as often as we can, building a buffer of ready-to-go strips so that we can hopefully avoid this situation in the future.

Until then, keep the bacon flowing.

We miss you already.

- Steeven

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