Variety Smack #9: The Beard of Doom

The following was originally posted on 11/17/2011:

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Do you work retail? Do you have people who come to your counter and stand their while you ring them up and spend the whole time on their phone?

Well, I don't know about you, but I find it rude. And frankly, it makes me a little angry. I don't want to hold meaningful conversations with these people, but I would like a little acknowledgement that I exist.

Cell phones, smart phones, social media at our fingertips, it is all killing society. These innovations designed to connect people from around the world and allow us to interact socially with each other over great distances is not working as I believe how it was intended.

When I go on a field trip with my child and her school, and we stand at a booth where local farmers talk about all the uses of corn, and I look around and see over 90% of the parents not paying any attention but are instead tapping away at their phone . . . well, it makes me sad.

Maybe I'm just old and cranky.

- Steeven

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