Variety Smack - Update - In Color?

I wanted to announce that there is a good chance that Variety Smack may be coming back.

Not only that, but if it does return, it will return in color ... with colors by me!

The fate of Variety Smack rests on if Harold and I can keep up. See, currently Harold is working on another project. Once he completes that in the next week or so, then we start creating strips. We have forty scripts ready to go, and many to come after that.

The idea is to be able to do three strips a week. However, we won't start posting them until we are thirty strips ahead of the game. So, while we produce these thrity strips (Harold drawing them and me coloring them) not only will we be getting ahead, we will truly be able to see how many we can do a week.

If we can produce three strips a week, and we can do it without killing ourselves, then Variety Smack just may return and continue. Which we both hope it will as we have some big plans.

Until then, I've been practicing my coloring skills on the old strips, and I have six up on the site for you to see.

So check them out at the following links:

#1: Brainstorming

#2: More Brainstorming

#3: Even More Brainstorming

#4: Happy Halloween

#5: From the Horse's Mouth

#6: Working For a Living

There will be more color strips to come in the next few weeks, so keep a look out.

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