Priorities Script - Page One

I've decided to start posting the script for a comic story I've written called Priorities. The story itself is being posted one page a week over at right now.

So, one after a page goes up there, I'll post the script for it here along with a link to the page itself. That way, you can see how much the page has changed from the script.

Priorities is an eight page story that I created with Harold Jennett for an anthology that sort of fell through.

When we came up with the idea, I started throwing a bunch of stuff on paper until a story began to take shape. Then Harold and I would talk about what we wanted to do, page by page, on IM or email. Because of that, a lot of what's in the script is pretty sparse, and yet some is really detailed.

Here's the script for page one:


Splash Page – Captain Might is flying directly at the reader with his fist out. If Captain Might was to come through the page, he’d punch the reader in the face.




NARRATION BOX: I’m still new at this.

NARRATION BOX: This whole ‘Super Hero’ thing.

NARRATION BOX: You learn real quick that it’s all about priorities.

NARRATION BOX: After all, I’m just one guy. I can’t be everywhere at once.

NARRATION BOX: Believe me, I’ve tried.

You can see the completed page here: Link to Page One

The first difference you may notice is the deletion of the title: LUNCH HOUR LEGENDS PRESENTS.

Back when we first started in on this project, Harold and I planned on calling our little studio Lunch Hour Legends because we worked on each page during our lunch hour. We've since decided against the name ... I think we made a good choice.

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