Priorities Script - Page Five

I've gotten a little behind with these, so you may get another one on Friday.

Anyway, here's the script to Page Five of Priorities.

It's a pretty straightforward page and Harold pretty much followed it to the letter.

Truck goes into the crack, truck comes out of the crack, that's all she (or in this case 'he', meaning me) wrote.


ROW 1 – One wide panel

The truck drives into the giant crack in the road. Both Jonathan and Martha are screaming. It would be great if their word balloons follow them into the crack.

ROW 2 – One wide panel

Same as previous panel, but no truck, all is quiet.

ROW 3 – One wide panel

Same as previous panel. But Captain Might is flying out of the crack carrying the truck. Jonathan and Martha are still screaming. Again it would be cool if their word balloons follow them out of the crack.

NARRATION BOX: Maybe I can find the time to grab a sandwich on the way back to the office.

It wasn't until after the page was complete and published that I thought of a better line for that narration box. That's they way it goes, I guess.

See the finished page here:

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