Our Adventure Continues May Never Be The Same .... Possibly

March 19, 2013, begins a story line that changes the face of Our Adventure Continues forever, at every point in time, and throughout every possible reality!


With such startling news (true or false, you decide), now would be a good time to jump in and get yourself caught up before EVERYTHING CHANGES ... IF IN FACT EVERYTHING DOES CHANGE!

If you don't get caught up, if you aren't there on March 19th (which is tomorrow, by the way) for the beginning of the end, you will end up with an uncontrollable sense of worthlessness that will follow you for the rest of your life.

You will grow to find that every choice you made from this moment forward was wrong.

You will come to discover a burning sensation between each of your toes that will remain with you until the end of your days!

You will lie in bed, each and every night, from this day on, tossing and turning, yearning for sleep, but never knowing it's gentle caress, all because you refused to pay heed to the hyperbole in this message and did not go check out Our Adventure Continues!

Shame on you.




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