Our Adventure Continues

Have you read the webcomic I'm writing?

It's called Our Adventure Continues and the art is done by the wonderfully talented Harold C. Jennett III.

Just click the banner there below and it will take you right there.

Put simply, Our Adventure Continues is like the Muppet Show meets Monty Python’s Flying Circus … except without all of the puppets and British people.

But to get more specific, Our Adventure Continues is strip about a couple of fellas going through the trials and tribulations of making a web comic and all the zany stuff that happens along the way.

The heroes of Our Adventure Continues are Harold and Steeven.

Harold is the artist.

He’s angry, impatient, and hates the smell of yogurt.

Steeven is the writer.

He’s happy, a little dim, and loves bacon.

Together the two struggle to create something new and fresh but usually wind up just getting in each other’s way.

So join us every Tuesday and Thursday and see grown men fighting, talking horses, and vikings with smart phones as Our Adventure Continues.

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