Generic: A Serialized Sci-Fi Crime Thriller

I made a decision yesterday.

I'm going to spend 2014 serializing a book while working on My Super Midlife Crisis.

What that means is that each month, I will write 8,000 to 10,000 words of a story, then release it at the end of the month in eBook form as part of the bigger tale. At the end of the year, when the whole story is told, I'll collect it in a paperback.

I've already started, the book as a whole is called Generic, it's a Sci-Fi Crime Thriller, I'm 1,002 words in, and Part One will be released as an eBook at the end of January.

Here's the cover and a rough draft excerpt from what I have so far.

Lawrence, Kansas -- Wednesday, January 3rd, 2087 -- 4:59 AM

THE GUN FELT AS IF it belonged his hand, like it was part of him, an extension of himself formed in cold steel. He held on to it with all of the reverence of a religious artifact, which in some ways, it was. He caressed it -- a Glock 19 -- running his fingers over every surface, exploring each nook and cranny, stroking it in the way a parent would their newborn child. The power of the thing seemed to vibrate from somewhere deep within, and he clutched it tighter. He bent, let the steel brush lightly across his lips, and for one brief moment, felt freedom. A sigh escaped him and he allowed himself a smile.

Today would be the day. He had not come easy to the decision, he lay awake most of the night with it on his mind. He had turned it this way and that, looking at it from every angle. It had proven difficult at first … after all, he’d never killed a man before … but in the end the choice was rather simple. The man needed killing, and only he would be able to carry out the act. If fact, he needed to do this. It was the only way he could move forward with life … the only way to feel right with the world.

He began to disassemble the gun, placing each piece carefully on the clean, white, lint-free cloth he had laid out on the table at which he sat, naked and wet from the shower. He cleaned the gun with care and precision, reassembling it with a skilled hand. He aimed and fantasized the act of firing, imagining what it might look like when the bullets made contact with his enemy’s flesh. This too brought a smile as he pictured his enemy falling back with the force of the slugs as the slammed into him. He could see the face of his enemy, the look of confusion, fear, and pain that would roll across the man’s face as he pulled the gun and squeezed the trigger. He played the moment over and over in his mind and felt an excitement in him like he’d never before felt. The emotions were coming quickly, feelings that were like strangers to him, and he began to cry.

Watch for Part One at the end of January!

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