How's Holliday's Gold Coming? What Else Are You Working On?

It's update time here at Steeven Orr Else.

I have my proof copy of Holliday's Gold and while the interior looks great - margins, font size, font choice are all perfect - I'm picking through it with a fine tooth comb and am finding some typos that I and my beta readers missed the first time through.

Harold Jennett is working away at the cover, and it's coming along quiet nicely ... as a matter of fact, here it is as it looks now:

I'm super excited about this book. Not only is it my first novel, its my first publication that's on paper and not just electronic.

Once the cover is finished I will order one more proof copy - with the new cover - give it one more look over, and then pick a release date ... which will probably be one month out from that point.

I was recently looking over everything that I'm currently working on and I decided to share my writing to-do list with the good folks who hang their hats at Google +. I'm going to go ahead and share it here as well:

I'm working on way too many things at once. But then, when I get into the middle of a story, what Jim Butcher calls the Great Swampy Middle, I tend to lose my way until I can get it right in my head. When that happens it's good to have something else to work on.

Okay, so here's the list:

Being Friendly - A follow up to Holliday's Gold. (12,000 words in)

Generic - A science fiction crime thriller. (2,000 words in)

Norman Oklahoma and the Walrus of Death - The next Norman Oklahoma short. (7,000 words in)

Norman Oklahoma and the Girl Who Cried Vampire - Norman's first full length novel. (14,000 words in)

My Super Midlife Crisis - A novel about a fella in his 40's who suddenly gets super powers. (35,000 words in)

The End Of Times - A novel of the zombie apocalypse. (50,000 words in)

I also have a couple of future story ideas grilling on the old brain:

Norman Oklahoma and the Anthology of Doom - A collection of my Norman Oklahoma shorts on paperback.

Norman Oklahoma and the Canadian Werewolf in Kansas - For my Norman Oklahoma anthology.

Norman Oklahoma and the Children of the Apocalypse - For my Norman Oklahoma anthology.

Now, when I look at this list, I feel both overwhelmed and excited.

Overwhelmed because I've started a lot of stories and I sometimes don't know what to work on.

Excited because I'm thrilled to have so much to work on.

Currently I'm focused on Norman Oklahoma and the Walrus of Death, Being Friendly, and The End of Times. Walrus of Death is a short and is almost complete, so keep an eye out for that. There's a chance that it could come out just before or just after Holliday's Gold is released.

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