A Penguin, A Walrus, and a Big Bunch of Zombies

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I have just a couple of quick updates to share.

First, for just two days only, 1/19/16 and 1/20/16 - today and tomorrow - you can get The Walrus of Death for free over at Amazon for your Kindle or any device the supports the Kindle app.

"I woke this morning to find a walrus sitting at my kitchen table."

Norman Oklahoma is a private investigator living in the small town of Eudora, Kansas. He specializes in the supernatural, the unexplained, and the just plain weird.

When the local crime boss sends a genetically altered hit man out to end Norman’s life, he is forced to fight back using only his wits — and the lyrics to a Beatles song — in a desperate attempt survive the deadly assault of the Walrus.


Next, Fanboys of Doom was released on Monday and you can get it now for just 99 cents over at Amazon for your Kindle or any device the supports the Kindle app.

Life following the zombie apocalypse is no bag of chips.

That is unless you're former Police Detective Alex Ringo and you've discovered the resting place of the most valuable comic book of all.

Desperate to add the Holy Grail of comics to his mobile man cave, Alex will risk being eaten alive by a bevy of zombie fanboys to gain his prize.


Last up is that I've started in on short story number three: That's When the Penguin Walked In.

This is a fantasy tale about a fast food cook who is destined to save the world. Just not our world.

If Douglas Adams were to write a fantasy book, I'd like to think this would be it. Except, of course, his would be better.

Here's a little peak:

Nothing ruined a good party like the incessant mewling of the dying.

The Great Hall had been packed nearly wall to wall with revelers celebrating the birth of their new Prince. Now most had escaped deeper into the castle or the land beyond, fleeing before the might of the dreaded Lord Hob and his legions. Few remained behind to witness the glorious arrival of Lord Hob himself into the Great Hall, only the dead or dying, and the latter seemed only to care for their own well-being. Lord Hob found this fact disappointing. It’s not everyday that he honored a city with invasion, these people should be in a state of awe over his very presence. Instead they moaned and they cried. Such a waste.

An explosion sounded from somewhere deep within the castle, followed by another. The force shook the walls around him. Mortar dust fell like grainy clouds from the high ceiling and landed on his gleaming white armor and meticulously styled black hair. Lord Hob sighed as he brushed the dust away. He wished that for once his soldiers wouldn’t blow stuff up whenever he invaded a place. The only thing worse that the cries of the dying where the explosions. He knew they were a necessary evil when prying loose an occupying force from its base of operations, but just once he’d like the people he’d come to subjugate to give all the fighting back and hiding behind fortifications a miss, throw the doors open wide, and invite him in without any bother. They all fell sooner or later, why did they always insist on making it so hard on themselves? Such a waste.

It was more of a bother this time, however, as he wasn’t here to invade, he wasn’t here to subjugate. He’d come to kill the newborn Prince.

There you go.

If you pick up The Walrus of Death and/or Fanboys of Doom (Get both, you can't beat that price), please leave me a review on Amazon.


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