Short Stories and the Golden Globes

Today's random blog graphic is called Stockmen: Life in the Outback. Why? Read THIS.

I spent some time this weekend tightening up the beats to my next venture into the short story side of things. That's When the Penguin Walked In was a very short tale I released for free last year. I've expanded the story quite a bit. By the time it's all written it will be at least three times as long. While it will have a satisfying ending, it will feature a fun world to tell many future stories in.

I'm thinking of it as "If Douglas Adams wrote a Fantasy book".

So keep an eye out for that.

In the meantime, Walrus of Death is back up and available for 99 cents. And you can pre-order Fanboys of Doom, also for 99 cents. Fanboys of Doom will be released on Friday (1/15/2016).

Both are available only at Amazon for a limited time (meaning they will go out to every other retailer at some point) for your Kindle or any other device that supports the Kindle App. Just click the titles there above if you want to make a purchase.

Watching the Golden Globes last night made me realize how little television I watch.

I never expect to see any of the movies nominated on such an awards show, only because I never go to the theater. But I feel like I'm on the cutting edge when it comes to television. Good gravy how wrong I am. I haven't watched any of the shows that were nominated last night.

Not one.

Actually, that's not true. I thought I heard Idris Alba nominated for something for Luther last night. I've watched Luther. Now THAT'S a good show.

On thing is for sure after watching the Golden Globes, and that's that I'm even more interested to see the Martian than I already was before. Especially considering that it was up for Best Comedy last night, and the book (which I loved), while funny at times, was no comedy.

That's all I got today.

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