For Harold's Birthday - A Short Tale

Once upon a time, in the land of happy thoughts and sweet dreams, there was a badger named Harold. He was a mean badger with a nasty disposition. Harold’s idea of good fun was to find one of the kindest, gentlest, sweetest creatures in all the land, and then be mean and awful to it until the sweet little creature cried great tears of sadness and misery.

One day, while Harold was out kicking over ant hills and stomping on daisies, he ventured deep into a dark forest and came across a tiny little bear cub named Steeven. Steeven was awful cute, and as sweet as could be. Never was a more innocent creature found in the whole entirety of the great, wide world.

And so Harold, being the mean little badger that he was, crept up on silent claws to where Steeven was sleeping peacefully and with great beauty upon a field of roses. So cute and perfectly pure was this little bear cub, that the roses drew their thorns into themselves so as not to poke such an adorable creature that was Steeven, the tiniest, fluffiest, most delightful bear cub in all the land.

Harold watched in anger at the perfection that was Steeven. Harold’s anger grew with each step and he slunk closer and closer to the sleeping, angelic bear.

Soon Harold was close enough to Steeven that he could have bit the small bear on its round little bottom, and so he did.

Steeven leaped into the air, his cherubic voice calling out in pain and great anguish. Harold watched and laughed his wicked little laugh.

Satisfied that he had dealt a perfect being a painful blow, Harold left Steeven to cry amongst the roses and slunk away, his fiendish laugh echoing through the trees, drowning out the tear choked sobs that came from the adorable little bear cub.

Not long after, Harold came out of the forest and into a land that was flat and filled with fields of wheat. Harold took two steps into the wheat and was suddenly crushed by a grand piano that fell from the sky.

The End.

For Harold C. Jennett III, because he's all kinds of awesome and stuff, and it's his birthday.

Happy birthday, Harold!

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