5 Reasons Why You Should Read Origin of Might

5. Pure, Superhero Goodness

Do you like superheroes? So do I. That's why I wrote Origin of Might. I write the kind of stuff I want to read, and I like to read about superheroes.

Here's a slight bit of superhero goodness, just a tiny taste, from Origin of Might.

OLIVER MASHED THE BRAKE to the floor and the car slid to a screeching halt. Just inches beyond the bumper lay the cell phone tower, rocking for a moment before coming to rest, the steel bars melted and burnt at one end where it had separated from its base. Before Oliver could so much as breathe; a woman in a purple body suit leaped atop the fallen tower and hurled lightning bolts at a man in red and yellow.

Great, Oliver thought. Just what I need, a pair of Mighties in my way.

The woman, Lady Lightning, had the power to create bolts of lightning out of thin air, and then throw them at whatever she felt needed to be hit by a bolt of lightning: Bank vaults, armored cars, and—of course—her arch nemesis, Spitfire.

Spitfire was the man in red with yellow boots, gloves, and cape. He had the ability to breathe fire. Great searing gouts of it. It was fairly obvious that it was Spitfire and his lava breath that had toppled the tower.

Oliver rolled down his window, leaned his head out, and gave the horn a couple of really good honks.

“Come on!” he yelled to the two combatants. “Take this somewhere else! Some of us are going to be late for work!”

4. This Ain't Your Typical Superhero Tale

Don't worry, I'm not trying some grand experiment with superheroes the likes of which will turn the genre so on its head that in the end it will be unrecognizable, and therefore unreadable. That's not what I'm doing here.

Instead, I'm using my love of superheroes to ask a question.

Here's a bit of the Afterword in the book to help explain:

Peter Parker. He is bitten by a radioactive spider and is then imbued with the proportionate strength and agility of a spider. Something we all dream of. But then when his Uncle Ben dies, something Peter, with his new powers, could have prevented, he realizes that he now has a bigger purpose in life. As the book says: “With great power there must also come — great responsibility!”

So he becomes Spider-Man and devotes his life to fighting crime. Yet, the guy still has to work. The dude is broke and he’s gotta get paid. When he’s not working, he’s fighting crime. That’s his life. That’s what he does. Day in and day out. There isn’t room for much else.

At that point, is it selfish of Peter to want to start a relationship with a woman? Would it be selfish of him to want to start a family knowing that not only would he not be able to give them much of his time, but that each time he goes up against the Rhino, or the Green Goblin, that it could be his last time on Earth?

I mean, that’s not fair to a future wife, husband, or child, right?

Well, what if Peter Parker had already been married with children when he got his powers? What if they were presented to him in such a way that he could refuse to accept those powers? What if the powers could go to someone else? Would it be okay for Peter to take those powers and then go out every night to fight crime knowing that to do so he would be ignoring the social needs of his family?

That’s the question I’m trying to answer, and it all starts here in Origin of Might.

3. It's All About Family

If you have a family, if you've struggled to get the bills paid and keep food on the table, if you've ever wished that you could have the power to fly and bend steel bars with your bare hands, then this is the story for you.

2. No Animals Were Harmed During the Writing of This Book

I think that speaks for itself.

1. I'm Indie as Crap

I do it all. I write, I edit, and I create the covers. Not because I'm just THAT skilled. No, it's because I'm indie as crap . . . in other words, I have to do it all myself because I can't afford pay someone else to do it.

So this is the "let's all take pity on the poor, broke writer and buy his books so that he can at least afford someone to edit his books and create a decent cover and in the end make him feel like a human being" part of the post.

I hope it worked.

Origin of Might hits the digital shelves on May 3rd. But you can preorder it now at Amazon and have it immediatly available to you on Tuesday.

Just go here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E056EZA.

It's only $2.99.

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