Let Me Clear My Throat - One Hot Mess

I'm over the term 'hot mess'.

I've been over it for a great while now.

To be honest, I've never used the term myself. To me, it conjures up images of an excremental nature.

In other words, when I hear: 'hot mess', I see: 'steaming pile'.

Maybe, going forward, everyone should just stop saying 'hot mess' and instead say 'steaming pile'.

"I'm dealing with an issue here that's a real steaming pile."

I would like to discuss the problems we've been having with your son at school. To be honest, he's one steaming pile."

"Work today was just one steaming pile after another."

"I don't know who to vote for this term. Each candidate is a giant steaming pile."

See, it just fits rather seamlessly.

So what do you say, Earth? Can we do this. Can we take 'hot mess' and replace it with 'steaming pile'?

I think we can.

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