Origin of Might - Free For Two Days Only

I'm celebrating two things today so I'm giving Origin of Might away for free on Amazon for the next two days (6/1 - 6/2).

Get it for free now:


Just what is it I am celebrating?

First, using some great art by the great artist Harold C. Jennett III, I've created a new cover for Origin of Might. A cover I think is far superior to the old one.


That's reason enough for giving the book away for free today and tomorrow.

But I have more.

I finished Then a Penguin Walked In yesterday!

Well . . . okay, it's mostly finished.

I'm going through the final edit this week. Which goes rather quickly.

I'm really happy with how the book came together and can't wait for everyone to read it.

So that's it this time.

Origin of Might.


Today and tomorrow.

Pick up your copy now.

And please leave a review.

Here's the link once again:


Then a Penguin Walked In launches on Tuesday, June 7th, but you can preorder it now:


Thanks for reading!

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