The Church of Minos #4

The following takes place after The Walrus of Death, which you can purchase HERE

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Part Two

-This is a first draft-

She led me upstairs, pausing for a few moments at the coffee maker so that I could pour myself a cup and seal it with a lid.

The coffee maker was at one end of a large room where all the action was. Two rows of four desks made up the center of the room. Only one desk was occupied.

Pat and I walked straight through to the interrogation room at the back of the building. We entered the adjacent observation room where we could see the fella through the one way mirror, just like on television.

The fella sat cuffed to a table that had been bolted to the floor in the center of the room. He wore an orange jump suit and his hair looked as if he’d just finished kissing a light socket. He sat facing the window, though from his side it would look like a mirror. His eyes darted about like a frightened animal. They made me nervous. His left hand lay flat on the table, palm down. His right hand was clenched into a fist.

On the other side of the table, her back to us, sat a uniformed officer of the Eudora Police Department. She had black hair that had been pulled back into a tight bun on the back of her head. She had a file folder opened up on the table in front of her and though we couldn’t hear her, I could see that she was talking to the man.

“Who’s that?” I asked. “You get a new officer while I was sleeping?”

“That’s Officer King,” Pat sat. “She just transferred in from out of state.”

Officer King sat up a bit straighter, as if she could hear Pat talking about her.

“Okay, so who is this guy?” I asked. “What’s he said?”

“He’s been babbling nonsense for almost an hour. He gave us a name,” she consulted the file, “Maggie Keaton. He referred to her as his ‘fiancĂ©’ and said she’d been taken by little green men.”

“Who is he?”

“We don’t know. Officer King found him behind the Happy Hamburger an hour ago. He was lying on the pavement trying to eat his own toes. Oh, and he was naked. No clothes anywhere.”

“Naked.” I said. “Fun.”

“We’re running his prints now, but with all the alien talk, I thought you might want to see him.”

I waved my hand dismissively. “There’s no such thing as aliens. Who’s Maggie Keaton?”

She flipped through the file in her hand.

“Maggie Keaton, twenty-three. Happy Hamburger carhop and student currently attending KU. Lives on her own in Cedarwood. I checked her place out myself. Knocked on the door. No one home.”

“That doesn’t mean anything. She could be clubbing in Lawrence or Kansas City. Or out of town. Heck, Pat, there’s all manner of places this girl could be, and ain’t nothing so far is pointing to anything nefarious other than Nature Boy in there knowing her name. He could be a drugged up stalker for all we know.”

“I know that, Norman,” Pat scowled at me. “But I try not to dismiss possible abductions in my town until I feel all bases are covered. There’s such a thing in my job called due diligence. Ever hear of it?”

“I just think you’re wasting your time.”

Just then Officer John Singer stepped into the room. He’d been on the force almost as long as Pat, but it didn’t show anywhere but for a few wrinkles under his eyes and the cap of pure white that was his hair.

“We may have found the girl’s phone,” he said, holding up a large smart phone in a plastic bag.

“Where?” Pat said, taking the bag from him.

“I made one last sweep of the Happy Hamburger and found it lying by the back fence. Well, under the back fence actually. I only found it because it had started vibrating. Made an awful racket against the wooden fence.”

“How do we know it’s hers?” Pat asked.

“We don’t,” John said. “Won’t know for sure without getting into it.”

Pat pulled the phone from the bag and pushed the power button. The screen glowed and showed an image of a smiling young girl with brown, shoulder length hair. She looked to be in her twenties and wore shorts and a t-shirt. Standing next to her, is arm around her shoulders and smiling with her at whoever had taken the picture, was the man currently sitting in Interrogation Room One. Granted, the version from the phone looked sane, but it was the same guy.

“It could be his phone,” I said, gesturing to the window to the interrogation room.

“The phone’s locked,” Pat said. Then she swiped her finger across the screen and a list of icons popped up over the background image. “Good, no password.”

“That’s not very secure,” I said.

“You can set up your phone so that it can accessed without a password,” John said as Pat swiped and tapped at the screen. “People do it so that if there’s an accident, emergency responders can have access to your emergency contact info and such.”

“This is Maggie Keaton’s phone alright,” Pat said. “I found her information.” She powered the phone down and slipped it back into the plastic bag.

“So that means this guy is on the level?” John said. “Aliens took Maggie Keaton?”

I sighed. “There’s no such thing as aliens.”

“Regardless,” Pat said. “You have to admit now that there’s something strange going on.”

As if one, the three of us turned to the window and watched Officer King with Maggie Keaton’s apparent fiancĂ©.

To be continued . . .

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