The Voltron Method and Other Shows That Need It

I just finished watching Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix last night and I found myself full of Super Nerd Rage.


Because I wanted more.

I grew up with Voltron and as a kid thought that the idea of five robot lions that come together to form a giant robot with a sword was the tip-top of awesomeness. More so for the fact that Voltron's hands here lion heads. I mean, how much cooler can you get.

Yet, even as a young fella I grew weary of the formula. Zarkon and his witch Hagga send a Robeast (a giant monster) to fight Voltron. The team would always try to defeat the Robeast using just the five lions, but would quickly come to the conclusion that they would have to form Voltron if they were to have any chance at defeating the monster. So they would, and so they did.

But still, it always held a special place in my heart as the epitome of cool crap.

I tried the other reboots, Voltron: The Third Dimension and Voltron Force, but they failed to recapture the magic. Which, be fair, is not an easy thing to do.

Then comes Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Holy crap was this good. produced by DreamWorks Animation Television and World Events Productions, and animated by Studio Mir, they did, for me, what the other reboots failed to do: Recaptured the magic.

If you haven't watched it yet, here's the trailer followed by the opening of the original Voltron. Please, I encourage you all to click on the Youtube logo in the lower right hand corner of the video and watch all of these on Youtube and not here in these sad little squares on my web page:

But something happened to me as I watched this wonderful new show. I couldn't help but thing of the other cartoons I loved as I child and how much I wanted the people behind Voltron: Legendary Defender to do what they did for Voltron to these other series.

First and foremost in my mind was Robotech.

Robotech was my all time favorite cartoon growing up. I mean, everything else I was watching at the time were all one in done shows and here was a cartoon with one epic storyline that stretched through an entire season.

But let's continue.

How about bringing back the Galaxy Rangers:

And M.A.S.K.

A little Silverhawks maybe?

Better yet . . . we need some Voltron love on Battle of the Planets!

Okay, so I'm sure you are asking why Thundercats isn't on my list.

It is, and it isn't. Look, if we can get a Thundercats series like this Voltron series, then I'm all about it.

If not, well, they did a reboot that I enjoyed so I'm satisfied with that.

Here's the reboot followed by the original.

So let's get on that, Dreamworks Animation.

Make me happy. Make me proud.

(If I could pick only two of the above, I'd choose Robotech and G-Force . . . and Galaxy Rangers . . . . and Silverhawks.)

What cartoons from your youth would you like to see rebooted?

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