The Church of Minos #13

The following takes place after The Walrus of Death, which you can purchase HERE

Part Two

-This is a first draft-

Thirty minutes later Abner and Jenner entered the Pub from the rear entrance.

Abner took his normal seat at the back booth while Jenner went behind the bar to make a pot of coffee.

Soon the coffee was made and Abner sat sipping on a hot mug as Jenner retired to the back room. Rock music blared through the stereo system.

The Pub had two obvious cameras mounted in the ceiling. One to catch people as they came in and out of the front door, and the other to capture those sitting at the bar. The other eight cameras were so cleverly blended in with the decor that they were nearly invisible. Much more so for the four that were pointing at that back booth.

The back booth was also wired for sound. Whenever Abner held a meeting in that booth, Jenner could sit in the back room to watch. And regardless of how loud the music from the stereo was, Jenner was able to hear every word spoken in that one booth. Which was one reason the music was played so loud, to give those who met with Abner the false security that no one else would be able to listen in.

Jenner didn’t record anything, only a fool would do so, but he’d watch, listen, and wait. Thus far, Abner had no need for Jenner to intervene in any of his dealings, but Abner knew he would be there if the need did arise.

Abner had worked through half of his coffee when the vampires walked in. They were twins, the same two he’d met with the two previous mornings. Thomas, with the bleach blond hair, and Alexander, whose hair was blacker than night.

“Does the music need to be so loud?” Alexander said as the two sat. Thomas never spoke. He only scowled.

“Like I explained yesterday,” Abner said. “The loud music makes it so that no one can listen in.”

“Don’t play us for fools, Lemonzeo,” Alexander said. “We know your man Jenner is listening to our conversation in the other room.”

“Hey,” Abner said, spreading his hands and shrugging his shoulders. “A guy has to protect himself. Surely you understand that.”

“We do,” Alexander said. “Which is the only reason we allow you to do so.”

“How generous of you,” Abner said, failing to mask the sarcasm.

“You will walk softly around us, Lemonzeo,” Alexander said. “You failed to kill Norman Oklahoma, Brone is displeased.”

“Oh, come on,” Abner said. “How was I supposed to know that the Walrus wasn’t up to the task? He’s the real deal, even you admitted to that.”

The two vampires looked at each other, then back to Abner.

“Yes,” Alexander said. “It is true that we were taken aback by the creature’s failure. But no matter, Brone has decided to leave Oklahoma alive for now. If more attempts are made on the human’s life, and he survives, he will look into the matter, and the last thing we want is him snooping around.”

“So our partnership is dissolved then?” Abner asked.

“Not at all, Mr. Lemonzeo. You are still of use to us.”

“Oh,” Abner leaned back. “And how is that?”

“You’ve spent the last five years in prison, Mr. Lemonzeo. And while we know that your man Jenner has been doing what he could while you were away, Klein and his dogs have managed to take most of what you once owned. You still have money, but how long will that last when you have no more money coming in then what you make in this,” he looked around in disgust. “Establishment?”

“I’ll get it all back,” Abner said. “It will take some time, but I’ll get it all back.”

“Maybe, but it’s going to be rather expensive. And if you fail, you will have nothing. We want to help you, Mr. Lemonzeo, and in doing so, you will be helping us.”

“And how is that going work, exactly?”

“It’s actually quite simple,” Alexander said. His brother continued to scowl. “Mr. Brone does not like the idea of Klein gaining so much power. Mr. Brone wants it all taken away as soon as possible, and he wants to help you do just that.”

“And how am I supposed to do that? Start a war? I don’t have the resources for all-out war.”

“We do want war, Mr. Lemonzeo, and do not worry about resources. We will fund it for you.” Alexander smiled.

Abner didn’t like that smile. It didn’t touch the vampire’s eyes. The eyes were like that of a predator and it made him want to sweat.

“Why me?” Abner asked. “Your boss is powerful. He could fight this battle himself.”

“There are rules, Mr. Lemonzeo. We must follow the rules if we wish to remain civilized.”

Abner thought for a moment, wondering what was going through Jenner’s mind.

“I’ll have to—” Abner began, but Alexander cut him off.

“We understand that you might want to consult your man, Jenner. He’s heard everything. We too would like his opinion.”

Just then Abner’s phone vibrated. He pulled it from an inner pocket.

“Excuse me,” he said, glancing at the screen.

It was a text from Jenner.


Abner locked the phone and placed it back in his pocket. The two vampires only watched him. If they were curious in any way, it didn’t show on their faces. Nothing showed on their faces.

“I like it, I’m not saying that I don’t. I want to take back from Klein what is rightfully mine, and the sooner the better, But why help? What’s in it for Brone?”

“It is just as I said. Mr. Brone does not like Klein. He is uncomfortable allowing the dog to possess such power in the area. You used to run things; he would like to see you return.”

“And that’s it?”

“Actually, no,” Alexander said. “Mr. Brone has certain interests in this area.”

“You mean whatever it is he’s doing up there in my old nightclub,” Lemonzeo said. “I’m not stupid; I know there’s more than dancing going on out there.”

“The Vampire’s Nest was purchased from you legally, Mr. Lemonzeo, through your man, Jenner. What Brone does with his property is his business, not yours.”

“That’s fine, I don’t think I actually want to know what it is you’re doing out there,” Abner said.

“No,” Alexander said, leaning forward. His brother, Abner noticed, had leaned forward as well. “You really don’t.”

Here ends Chapter Six

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