The Church of Minos is finished.

Though it won't be published through the various online retailers until 9/21, you can now purchase it from me, today, for just 99 cents.

You can still get it from Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, or iTunes, or Smashwords, or Kobo for just 99 cents as well. But only if you preorder.

Once 9/21 hits, the full price of $2.99 goes into effect.

So, preorder, or purchase today, and you get it for just 99 cents.

Don't want to wait till 9/21, purchase from me now - JUST CLICK THIS LINK

If you purchase from me, not only can you get it now, you'll also get the MOBI version for Kindle, the Epub for most other tablets, and the PDF for everything else.

Otherwise, preorder at the links below:

Still not convinced? Read the first chapter - JUST CLICK THIS LINK

Enjoy the book!

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