I'm finishing up Season 11 of Supernatural on Netflix. In fact, I have just two episodes to go and I can say without fear of reprisal that Season 11 has been one of my absolute favorites of the series.

There are a number of reasons why, and I don't think I can encapsulate all of them in one simple post. So I won't. Hence the 'PART 1' bit above.

Before you read on, if you've not watched any or all of Season 11, there will be spoilers. You have been warned. Anything you are spoiled on from this moment on is all your fault.

So . . . Why do I love Season 11 of Supernatural? Because . . .


Okay, so yeah, he's always been evil. I mean, he is the King of Hell after all. But for a while there, a few seasons anyway, Crowley has been more of an antihero over what you'd expect from a demon who rules Hell. I mean, the guy was downright lovable.

And he's still lovable . . . But he's no longer Sam and Dean's little buddy. Not that he ever really was. It's complicated.

Anyway . . .

Take the first episode of the season, Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire. Crowley is forced to take a human vessel to escape certain death. A woman, in fact. He then finds that he no longer retains the power of teleportation in this vessel. Yet, he needs to get back to his demonic lair. Which means making a call.

So he goes into the woman's home to find her husband and the couple from across the street waiting for her to return.

Crowley basically just needs someone he can slice open and bleed so that he can use their blood to call up a couple of demons for a ride.

But he's somewhat delayed by his new vessel's husband and the couple from next door. They, assuming that Crowley is not, in fact, the King of Hell, but is, as all outward appearances show, the woman they have been waiting for, want to make her a proposition. See, apparently, they were hoping she would join them there in the plush, finished basement for a . . . . well . . . we'll call it romantic tryst. They type that would involve all four of them. In fact, it was all her idea in the first place. Something she'd approached them about before Crowley took up residence inside her.

Crowley, proving why he is the King of Hell, participates in their little scheme before killing each one of them and calling a couple of demons round to pick him up.

I've never had a problem with the King of Hell being friendly with Sam and Dean. I mean, Mark A. Sheppard plays such a wonderful character that you want to see him do his thing in each episode. But the whole 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' thing that the show kept running with to justify why the King of Hell would have such a soft spot in his heart for Sam and Dean (and vice versa), did get a little old.

But we don't see this in Season 11. Not really.

Sure, there's some. Heck, Lucifer wouldn't have been freed from the Cage if there wasn't. But really, once all that goes down, all Crowley wants is to get Lucifer back behind bars.

He even finds a Hand of God, the Horn of Joshua, to use for that purpose. Rather than give Sam and Dean the Horn of Joshua so that Lucifer could use it to defeat the Darkness (Sam and Dean's plan), he offers it to them only if they lock Lucifer up first. Which, of course, defeats the purposed of having a Hand of God considering that it is only with one that Lucifer has any chance of winning.

Yeah, Crowley is back, people. I hope it lasts.

Then of course, this happens:

Yeah, that's a Sam Pop! Vinyl figure.

Next week: Baby.

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