If you're like me, then you use your local library a lot. You also use Overdrive to check out eBooks from your local library.

Well now, you can use Overdrive to check out my eBooks from your library.

But first, you have to recommend that your library purchase the book(s).

If you have a library card, but don't use Overdrive, let me give you a few steps.

If you need help getting started, go here:

Once you are all set up just go to each of my books and choose the RECOMMEND OPTION.

You can find my books at the following links:

Holliday's Gold -

Fanboys of Doom -

If your library purchases the book, they should let you know by email, then you just go get it.

It's actually really very simple and I thank God for Overdrive most every day of the week as I get to read more stuff that I can't afford to purchase . . . and when I can get my library to purchase an eBook from an indie creator, it helps that author out as well.

So go on out there, everyone. Hit the digital streets and recommend your library purchase my books.

Thank you!

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