I have no idea what this post is going to be about today.

I used to do these stream of consciousness type posts back in the day. I’d keep a word document open and just write down whatever popped into my mind as the day went along.

Recently I've been using my writing journal to jot down nonsense. Today seems like as good of a day as any to post it.

Some of this comes from what I wrote in my writing journal, some of it I stole from an older post that I then deleted.

It's good to recycle.

The lines will separate areas of time when I wasn’t writing all the nonsense that sometimes oozes from my head.


Good, neither am I.

I brought a salad to work with me for lunch.

Iceberg lettuce, garbanzo beans, red kidney beans, shredded cheddar, French's fried onions, imitation bacon bits, croutons, and ranch dressing.

I spent the morning putting each ingredient it their own zip lock bag.

I brought the salad for lunch.

I want to eat it now.

I've been munching on the croutons. I have to stop, otherwise there will be no more when lunchtime arrives.

Popsicle stick art is a dying medium.

The other day I ate a Dunkin Donuts doughnut while drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee that I poured from a Dunkin Donuts thermos. That’s like the paradise trifecta!

Is trifecta even a word? Microsoft Word has it flagged as a misspelled word, but it ain’t giving me any suggestions that is even close to the actual word . . . if it is an actual word.

Okay, I used the trusty World Wide Web to find out what’s going on with ‘trifecta’.

Apparently it is a horse racing term in which the person placing a bet must guess which horse will place first, which horse will place second, and which horse will place third.

I knew that, I just wasn’t aware that I had that knowledge.

Seriously, if you like hip hop and comics, and you aren’t listening to Adam WarRock, then it’s time to start considering the state of your sanity.

I don’t do Facebook. I don’t do Instagram or Snapchat. I don’t do most anything that seems to be popular on the web. I have this blog. I have Google+. I have Twitter. I have my Google Reader. But that’s it.

I feel like people are all in those other areas talking about me behind my back.

I believe in Bigfoot.

It appears to be impossible for me to touch metal without getting shocked.

I put my hand on a doorknob, shock.

I touch a can of green beans on the shelf at the market, shock.

It doesn’t even have to be metal. I touch a light switch, shock.

I’m really starting to get fed up with the whole thing.

Do you remember that scene near the beginning of Ghostbusters where Bill Murray is conducting a psychic experiment on two college students?

One is male and rather nerdy. The other is female and all kinds of attractive. Bill Murray would hold up a card in such a way that the two students couldn’t see it, and one at a time, they would each guess what was on the card. If they guessed wrong, they got an electric shock.

Well, Bill Murray’s character had an eye for the ladies, so even when the girl got it wrong, he’d tell her she was right. The dude, on the other hand, was a different story. Even when he got it right, wacky Bill would tell him it was wrong and give him a shock.

After a couple of shocks the kids gets really pissed off.

That’s how I feel every day.

I’m starting to realize what a complete waste of time this post is.

Not a waste of time for me. This really hasn’t taken up much of my time. I’m talking about the waste of time for you, Loyal Reader.

I apologize.

This has nothing to do with today's eclipse.


  1. Google Reader? How old was that old post?

    1. Ha! Good catch. Some of that, yeah, was pretty old. I should have caught that. I now use The Old Reader.