What makes a man?

I've never seen any of the Godfather movies.

I'm not a big fan of John Wayne.

I've never planned a tailgate party.

I don’t build things out of wood.

I cry every time I watch Cheaper by the Dozen 2.

I've seen Cheaper by the Dozen 2 more than once.

I've never shot a deer.

I don't own a gun.

I’ve been known to pull over and ask for directions whenever I get lost.

I've never seen any of the Friday the 13th movies.

I don't drink beer.

I don’t have any tattoos.

I have no idea how to play poker.

I don’t smoke cigars.

I can't do any kind of work on my car that's any more difficult than changing the oil.

One of the things I enjoy most out of life is curling up with a good book.

I'm not a member of any fantasy sports league.

I don't spend my weekends in front the TV watching sports.

I don't watch sports at all.

I hate camping.

I don’t sit around with the guys and talk smack on my wife.

I drive like an old lady.

I hate fishing even more than I hate camping.

I've watched both Rudy and Field of Dreams and didn't cry.

I am ashamed of my body.

I have never been, nor will I ever be a jock.

I’ve watched Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood . . . and enjoyed it.

I've watched The Notebook . . . and enjoyed it.

I often let my wife hold the remote control.

I love cheesecake.

I think fireworks are a complete waste of money.

I love my family.

I love my In-laws.

Does any of that make me any less of a man?

I’m a slob.

I enjoy movies that show things blowing up.

I like my music loud with lots of thumping bass and/or squealing guitars.

I don’t like to talk about my feelings.

I’ve always wanted to be a cowboy.

I can’t stand Diane Keaton

I’ve seen Unforgiven over 50 times.

I always have to drive. No one else. If I am going anywhere with anyone, and we have to take a car, I drive . . . period.

I read Western novels.

I only go to the doctor is something falls off or I can’t stop the bleeding.

I think muscle cars are sweet.

I love movies about war.

I prefer staying home than going out.

I work two jobs.

I think guns are cool.

I love movies about sports.

I have a big, bushy beard.

I’d give just about anything to see a Western starring Chuck Norris, Clint Eastwood, Robert Duval, and Sam Elliot.

Anything with red meat is my favorite food.

Does any of that make me any more of a man?

What makes a man?


  1. How about crying at work in the bathroom (if you can make it there in time) when shamed by manager? Does that make one less of a man? You love your family and take care of them... that's 99.999% of it, right?

    1. I don't cry at work. I cry in the car on the way home.