Have you ever been asked the super power question?

You know the one I'm talking about.

If you could have just one super power, what would it be?

That's a tough one, because there are a lot of great ones out there. Most folks I know choose flight. And of course there is that one guy/girl that everyone knows that chooses the power to give themselves any power they want at any time and in any combination.

I've never really taken the question too seriously though. I've never really given it a real good thought.

So, how about I do that now.

I think the best way to tackle a question like this, is to first look at what some of the basic super powers are, and then what I might do with such powers.

I'll start with one today, and visit the others (one at a time) in future posts.

If I woke up tomorrow morning and suddenly found that I had the power to fly, what would I do with it?

Not much, honestly. I mean, I do have a fear of heights and the thought of floating up above everything, with nothing holding me up, that just plain scares the crap out of me.

I suppose that if you found that you could fly, you would lose that fear, knowing that you can't fall because you can, well . . . fly. I seriously doubt that for me. I mean, I've had this fear for a great long time now. Just suddenly being able to fly wouldn't cure it.

But hey, let’s say, for fun, that I did lose the fear of heights. So what would I do with this power?

Most folks would tell you that they’d use the power of flight to get places faster. No more traffic. No more stoplights. You could just fly straight there and back lickity-split.

Well, I might try to fly to work, but I have a laptop bag, a lunch box, and a cup of coffee to take with me. I’m not sure how I’d juggle those. Plus, just because you can fly, doesn’t mean you are strong enough to carry a load of objects over a few dozen miles. I mean, wouldn't your arms really get tired in this case?

The only option would be to build some kind of harness, and I'm just not good at building stuff.

Plus, I don't even like to drive with the windows down because it seriously messes up my hair. So imagine what zipping through the air at a few hundred miles an hour would do to it.

And let’s not forget all the bugs you'd fly into. I don't want my face looking like the front grill of my car. No thanks.

So if I was offered the power of flight, I think I'd have to pass.

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