I've set up shop at Ko-Fi.

What is Ko-Fi?

Per the site:

Ko-fi lets creators receive small donations from fans of their content. Anyone can create Ko-fi profile and share their personal Ko-fi link or embed a Ko-fi button on their site.

Each donation is roughly equal to the price of a coffee. We chose coffee as a friendly metaphor for showing support, but the money goes directly to the creator and they can spend it however they wish. You can think of Ko-fi as a digital tip-jar.

It's all free to use. All you need is a PayPal account to receive or send payments. We don't take any cut or get in the middle of the transaction, but note that PayPal may charge a small fee.

So hey, if you like the free content I'm putting out there, and you feel so inclined, buy me a coffee to help me on my way.

Buy Me a Coffee at

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