Here's another post about writing.

First, an update . . . I'm writing, and that's great. I'm slow, sure, but I'm writing, and that's all that matters.

Then a Penguin Walked In is coming along, slowly but surely. I'm really happy with the way it's going, the direction it is heading. If you are reading along (and why wouldn't you be) then expect to see a character return ... someone who may have seemed like a throw-a-away character will be playing a big part soon.

Okay, I won't tease. It's Okama from Chapter 8. He should be coming back in Chapter 12 and will be brought before the Triumvirate. Why? Well, keep reading.

Also expect a tour of Gund. This is a quest, after all. Dominick and his companions won't find the stolen sword that easy. We will also learn very, very soon that there are others looking for the sword as well.

Speaking of the others, what do you think of the cloyne?

Are they creepy or what?

I'm having fun with those guys. Expect to see more of them.

For those who aren't reading, or are maybe behind, here's a little cloyne tease for you:

He hated the cloynes. They were all a little too obedient. Bending to his every whim. But there was something in their eyes, a dark sparkle that bespoke of sudden and uncontrollable violence. He always felt, whenever he dealt with one of the cloynes, that while they were smiling, while they were bowing and scraping, they were always within a hair’s breadth away from going for his jugular.

He’d inherited the cloynes from his former master. They ran the day to day here in Grimwald Keep. The Dread Lord Hob, however, would prefer them out on their collective tiny behinds. But he had quickly found the task impossible.

He’d cleared them from the Keep, of course. A number of times. And they had left. Or so he’d thought. The problem was that he had no idea how many of the creepy little bastards were actually taking up residence in the Keep as they all look exactly the same.

Each one of them was precisely four feet tall and ninety-eight pounds. Their skin was white like chalk. Their hair as red as blood and cut like an inverted bowl. They had red, full lips that always seemed to be smiling. And their eyes, their damnable eyes were solid black like globes of obsidian. When they looked at you with those dead black eyes you got the impression that they were looking at their next meal. It was all rather disconcerting.

They were also all one gender, at least that’s what Lord Hob had come to assume. They all looked male, but he’d never taken that one particular step necessary to make sure. It was as if they were all just one person that had been duplicated over and over.

The first time he had dismissed them from his service, they had gone. The next morning, however, he woke to find them back. Or it was a new group? Or maybe they all hadn’t left? He had found it all more than a little frustrating. Trying to suppress his rage, he had dismissed them again, ordering them from the Keep on pain of death.

By morning they were back.

So, being the man of his word he’d had them all put to death.

But once again, the very next morning, they had returned.

I'll also be introducing a new threat to Dominick and his team in the form of creatures called the Sightless Ones, also known as the Pale Riders. They should be fun.

So I'm still chugging along with Then a Penguin Walked In.

Beyond that, last week I talked about a couple of short stories I was going to be working on. Those, for the time being, have been shelved. Instead (and I've already started), I'm going to be working on something that relates to the comic I have going on right now with Harold Jennett III over at

The comic is called The Mighty Piñata, you can read it HERE if you haven't already, and we are only doing a 15 page origin story. After that ... well, I'll have more information for you next week.

I will tell you this. Once ready (I have ten weeks to get as far as I can), I will start posting the story a chapter at a time. And they are short chapters (at least so far) that keep the story moving along. I'm really happy with it and shouldn't have any problems keeping the story going as I only need write a chapter (at the least) a week.

Again, more about that next week.

So, what else?

What do you want to know?

What questions can I answer for you?

Just let me know.

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