I want to announce that I've priced the Holliday's Gold eBook at zero everywhere but Amazon, and the only reason it isn't zero there is because they won't let me do that.

So that's cool, right? If you haven't read Holliday's Gold yet, then you can get it now for free.

Just click the title there, I've made it a hyper link.

Go on, click it. In fact, click this. This entire line of text, this entire paragraph, is also a hyperlink that will take you to the Holliday's Gold landing page. Go there, pick up the book from any of the online retailers (except Amazon) for free. Do that. Do that now. Go on. I'll wait. It's cool.

If you want a version you can read on your Kindle app, get the free copy from Gumroad, it will come with the MOBI file which is what the Kindle App uses.

Don't know how to put the MOBI file on your device so that you can read because Amazon conveniently does it all for you? No problem, this line of text is also a hyperlink that will take you to a site that will tell you how to side load that file on to your device.

Go get it folks, go get that book. Read it. Enjoy it. Review it.


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