NOTE: This was written just a few days ago to replace the original Chapter 10, CULT OF BOVINITY.

CULT OF BOVINITY will soon become Chapter 17.

Once I've posted Chapter 17, I'll remove this note.

Thank you.

ABNER LEMONZEO COULDN’T STOP counting the money. No matter how many times he counted, it continued to come out the same.

One hundred thousand dollars. Nearly five inches worth of hundred dollar bills.

He sat in his booth in the back of the Pub and counted them again, a smile glued to his face.

“How many times are you going to count those?” Jenner said as he entered from the back room.

“Just let me enjoy this,” Lemonzeo said.

Jenner sat across from him. He was an unassuming man. Average in almost every way. It was like he’d been designed to blend into a crowd, to go through life unnoticed by others, to be anonymous in all respects. His hair was brown, short and conservative. His suit, gray, not too expensive, but not cheap. He wasn’t tall, wasn’t short, wasn’t skinny or fat or athletic. He just was.

His eyes, however. Sometimes when Jenner looked at him, Abner could see through them and into infinity. He’d always found it more than a little unsettling.


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