WHAT DO YOU KNOW of heroes?

What do you know of standing atop the walls of justice and letting none pass who travel with nefarious desires in their heart?

What do you know of spitting in the face of crime and tickling the torso of evil?

Come, gather 'round, and I will tell you the tale of the Mighty Piñata.

But first...

Somewhere, in a secret, underground lair, a group of men and women gathered. Twenty-one in all.

These were no ordinary men and women, as one should deduce if only by the fact that they gathered in a secret, hidden, underground lair. Had that not become at once apparent to the casual observer, the style of dress in which these men and women were adorned would have brought it all together like being slapped across the face by an accountant wielding a large halibut.

Most of the men and women in attendance were dressed the same. They each wore a military style uniform the color of blood. Swen upon their right breast, these not-so-ordinary men and woman wore the emblem of their group, and they wore it with pride. Once more, the casual observer, having not noticed the strangeness of a gathering of red-clad men and women in a secret, hidden, off the map underground lair, might finally sit up at take notice at the insignia.

A red crab upon a field of white.


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