Though he just had the two slices of bacon and the half cup of coffee left, Okama took his time.

The guardswoman was more than patient. She even ordered her own cup of coffee. And though he knew, deep down, that she was being nothing but respectful, the fact that she wasn’t angry for being made to wait only manged to enrage him. He tried not to let it show.

“You going to tell me what this is all about?” He said. “Or are you just gonna sit there and pretend like you got nothing better to do than have coffee with an old man?”

“I’ve been sent to fetch you,” she said.

“Fetch me?” He said. “Like the good dog you are, I suppose.”

She only smiled.

“Fetch me for who?” He said.

“The Triumvirate,” she said.

He nearly fell off his stool. Of course, it would have to be the Triumvirate, who else would send one of the Guard out after him. Still, it was unexpected. After all, he hadn’t been to the Palace in years. In fact, when last he’d been, he had left on such bad terms that he often wondered why the Triumvirate still allowed him in the city.


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