The Triumvirate shared looks with one another, trying not to appear uncomfortable or worried. Okama could have told them not to bother. They wouldn’t be much in the way of a ruling body if they weren’t worried about these particular set of circumstances.

“Look,” he said. “The One is back. That’s great. Arakis is stolen. That’s bad. I know this. You know this. Everyone in Haven knows this. Soon all of Gund will know this. Now what in the Nine Realms to you want with me? I certainly don’t have the dern thing.”

“The One,” Kendrick said. “The man they call Dominick Hanrahan—”

“Man!?” Honrig, the Dwarven King spat. “He’s just a boy. A pup. He’s no man.”

“Regardless,” Kendrick said, giving the dwarf the kind of look that could topple mountains. “He is not from Gund.”

“He wasn’t raised in Gund, you mean,” said Roberta.

“Quite,” said Kendrick. “His rearing was done in the ancient world. He knows not of our ways.”

“He’s no skill with blade nor bow,” said Honrig. “He’s no warrior.”

“He’s like a babe in the woods,” said Genivene.

“So?” Okama said.

“He has been sent to retrieve the sword,” said Kendrick.

“By himself?” Okama nearly gaped.


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