“I WANT DIANA ON this with you,” Pat said.

We stood before a window surrounded by thick, wire mesh. At the bottom of the window was a counter top and Officer John Singer stood on the other side. Behind him were lockers of various sizes where the Eudora Police Department stored the belongings of anyone in lockup.

“Diana?” I asked.

“Officer King.”

“Come on, Pat,” I said, signing the paperwork required to get my stuff back. “This will all go much faster if I do it alone.”

“Look, I’m not above just standing back and letting you do your thing, especially when it comes with your kinds of cases. But this was a police matter first, and we’ll see it finished.”

“Fine,” I said. John took my paperwork and grabbed up a large ring of keys, taking them to a locker behind him. “How’s she gonna handle it?”

“She’s a professional.”

“You don’t think she’s gonna freak out a bit when she learns what we’re after? Maybe try and redirect the investigation here and there because she thinks I’m crazy or something?”

“I’ll talk to her,” Pat said. “You sure about this goblin thing?”

“It’s the only thing that makes sense.”

“You mentioned the red mist. He kept talking about a red mist.”

“Goblins can excrete a chemical through their skin and then blow it into the face of an opponent. It’s a powerful hallucinogen and has even been known to cause temporary blindness.”

“So that’s why Maggie’s fiancé seems crazy,” she said.

“Exactly, he’s not crazy, he’s just tripping.”


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