TRISHA STOOD, SIDE BY side, with her fellow Prawn in the lobby of the hospital, assault rifle at the ready. The people around them cried and moaned, cowed under the threat of violence from a superior force. She stole a glance at Rick. Their eyes met and they shared a smile before they each fired another round into the air, not caring who might be on the floors above.

Their leader, King Crab, moved into the center of the room, commanding attention by his very presence. He pulled authoritatively on his mustache.

“Attention ladies and gentleman,” King Crab called out. All eyes turned to him. “Please control yourselves. As long as you remain calm and do as we say, no one will get hurt.”

Trisha pointed her rifle here and there, sweeping the crowd. She could see Rick doing the same. 

“We are the Crustacean Conglomerate,” shouted King Crab. “And we have full control of this hospital.”

There was a small commotion at the other end of the lobby as a doctor entered. He was tall, balding, and he wore the air of authority like a cape. Trisha smiled. King Crab would put the man in his place soon enough.

“What is the meaning of this?” The doctor demanded.


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