Just last week I posted the PROLOGUE to my new on-line serial, THE MIGHTY. Now that CHAPTER ONE is up, I though it would be fun to take the next few weeks to talk about how THE MIGHTY came to be and show you all the scripts, artwork, and everything that got me to where I am now.

The Mighty began in 2008 as an idea for short story to contribute to an anthology comic. I started a script about a guy, who was a super hero, having a dinner date with his wife. The story was called Mid-Life Crisis, which I thought was just the perfect name.

I mean ... Crisis. That was a staple in the comic's world thanks to DC.

In the end, I was never paired up with an artist, but that turned out to be a good thing as I never finished the script.

I did have, however, a pitch.

This is what I put out there in order to entice an artist:

Oliver Jordan is an overweight man in his mid-30s living in Littleton, Kansas. He's slovenly, he's lazy, and he makes just enough money between his two dead end jobs to put a little food on the table and provide second hand clothing for his wife, a stay-at-home mom, and his two children.

Oliver's less than extravagant life style has caused a mild depression to wash over him and take hold of his daily life, losing him the respect of his wife and kids and placing him on the brink of suicide.

That is until the day he is given a mystical ring as a tip while out delivering pizzas in the dead of night. The ring allows Oliver to transform into a man of godlike proportions. Now blessed with rock hard abs, buns of steel, hair like flowing water, and amazing powers of flight and super strength, Oliver takes to the streets as a costumed vigilante to right wrongs, serve justice, save lives, and most importantly, regain the love and respect of his wife and kids.

Now, the idea had been that Oliver could change back and forth between his new, super hero body, and his own, fat body. Just like Captain Marvel.

But when Oliver showed up for his date with his wife, he's in his super hero body.

See, Oliver felt like he was losing the love and respect of his wife because he was overweight and, though working two jobs, couldn't provide his family with the good things in life.

In reality, while he was losing the love and respect of his wife, it was only because he had stopped caring. He had stopped caring because he thought he'd lost the love and respect for his wife. It was this whole Catch-22 thing.

But, I wasn't going to be able to put all of that in one short comic story.

So instead, he would arrive at his date in his superhero body, his wife would be upset, they would start an argument, then we would find that his arch enemy was eating dinner at the very next table. Cut to epic super battle.

Even then, it was too much to put into one short story.

But, there was light at the end of the tunnel. That light came in the form of Harold C. Jennett III, artist and now long time collaborator.

He liked the pitch and the two of use decided to do a comic.

At that point we began to plan and Harold began to sketch.

Littleton, Kansas was changed to Garrison City. Mid-Life Crisis was changed to My Super Mid-Life Crisis. And I started writing a script.

We didn't get that far. But I'll go into more of that next week.

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