As I write this it is Thursday afternoon, May 31, 2018.

It's been 12 days since I was bitten by the spider.

For ten of those days I had been taking antibiotics. Four capsules a day, for ten days.

Forty capsules in all.

Here we are on day 12 and I'm still in pain. The area around where I was bitten is still purple and red like a bad bruise. Its smaller than it was. But not by much.

So, that means I'm going back to the doctor today to see what my next option is.

I feel that for those ten days the antibiotics pushed the venom back to a certain point, then just stopped it from getting worse.

Now that I'm off of the antibiotics, I'm back to feeling the stabbing pain and the burning.

A few years back I got pneumonia. I was out of work for weeks. Mainly because the antibiotics they gave me didn't work. I'd gone back and the doctor was a bit taken aback. He said what he prescribed where, as he put it, "the big dogs".

So, he prescribed a different type, and that put me on the track to healing.

Maybe this is the same thing. Maybe I just respond differently to antibiotics than regular folks.

I am, after all, a ginger.

Wish me luck.


It appears the infection is gone. But, I'm still feeling pain and itching and still have a nice bruise. It's being treated now as an allergic reaction, and so I've been given steroids, which taste awful.

So that kinda shoots my "maybe I respond differently to antibiotics than regular folks because I'm a ginger" theory.

Oh well.

I do respond differently to topical anesthesia than normal folks because I'm a ginger. That's a scientific fact.

I did manage to do a little writing this week. Not only did I complete another chapter of the PiƱata, I was also able to get a bit further in a super secret novella I'm working on.

Okay, it's not really super secret. It's the origin story of the Shadow Fox from THE MIGHTY. I have one planned out for Captain Might as well.

If you are reading THE MIGHTY, or at least the Prologue, you'll be familiar with The Shadow Fox and Captain Might.

Once they are done, I'm going to give them to all of you for free, and I'm going to offer them as a free incentive for people to join the mailing list.

I'm about 75% done with the Shadow Fox story. I mean, its just motoring right along.

This week I have been devouring a book by Harlen Coben. It's called Fool Me Once.

On Sunday evening, I was sitting in the break room of my second job. It was my meal break and I had my phone out and was scrolling through Twitter.

Well, on most occasions anymore I find Twitter somewhat depressing.

I had been feeling down wishing that it was June. Had it been June, I'd be able to check out some eComics from the library through my Hoopla act. I can only borrow 4 items a month, and was at my limit for May.

I wanted something to read.

Then I recalled that Hoopla isn't the only app I have to get stuff from the library. I also have Overdrive. I can't get comics through Overdrive (at least I don't think so), but I could get eBooks.

So, after about five minutes of seeing what was available, I decided to go with something from Harlan Coben.


Because he has never disappointed.

Harlan Coben has a way of writing books that I find very difficult to put down.

With Fool Me Once, all I have to do was read the first sentence of the blurb and I was hooked:

Former special ops pilot Maya, home from the war, sees an unthinkable image captured by her nanny cam while she is at work: her two-year-old daughter playing with Maya’s husband, Joe—who was brutally murdered two weeks earlier.

Yes please.

So I downloaded it and started reading.

Five days later and I've finished it, and wow, what an ending.

I love books like this. Books that keep me guessing. I think I have it figured out, then he drops some new info and I've thrown my theory right out the window.

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