OK folks, if you are at all interested, the spider bite is still hanging around.

It is, however, much better. I'm hoping that by this time next week it will be gone and I'll be dealing with some new ailment.

So for now, there will be no more talk of spider bites, unless I'm talking about Spider-man.

I hit my 4,000 word goal for the week, writing both a PiƱata chapter and a Norman Oklahoma chapter.

I was originally thinking about waiting until most of Volume 2 of The Adventures of Norman Oklahoma was complete before posting it each Thursday. But I think instead I'll only wait until this one story is complete. Only 10 more chapters to go there.

Well, maybe I'll start earlier than that.

I'll let you know.

I recently finished listening to Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brian Sanderson. Read by Michael Kramer.

My friend Harold recommended this book to me. He told me that I should read it.

I, of course, told him no. I mean, he's not my father.

Not that I base what I read on the suggestions of my father.

But then, my father has suggested some damn fine books to me in the past.

Just not this one.

No, Harold suggested this one. Who, as I stated previously, is not my father.

In the end, I decided not to read it. Figured I'd listen to it instead.

Mistborn is a fantasy novel set on a world in which the sun is red, ash never stops falling from the sky, and a creepy mist comes out every night scaring folks.

In this world there are the nobility, and the skaa.

The nobility rule, the skaa do all the work and are treated like animals.

Everything is ruled over by a guy they call The Lord Ruler, who is both king and god.

There is magic in this world. It is call Allomancy. This allows those born with the gift to swallow, and then "burn" certain metals to give them certain powers. This is more common among the nobility, but there are skaa Allomancers as well due to cross breeding.

Most Allomancers can only burn one metal, and therefore have only one power. For example: Burn pewter and you get supernatural strength. Burn tin and you have supernatural hearing and sight.

There are those however, rare individuals, who can burn each of the Allomantic metals and thus can use all of the powers. These they call Mistborns.

One such Mistborn is a skaa thief named Kelslier who uses his abilities, and those of his crew, to plan a rebellion.

I wasn't sure about this book at first. I know this will sound stupid, but I was put off by the red sun and the constant falling ash. The world, to me, just felt annoying. I tried to imaging it on the screen and felt that the falling ash would get old real quick, and the lighting (due to the sun) would work my nerves.

Plus, I thought the magic was weird. They have to carry vials of metal with them and swallow them to use their magic. What kind of crap is that?

Yet, I continued to listen. And I'm glad I did. This was a really good book, and I'm now 9 hours into the next one in the series, The Well of Ascension.

The book is read by Michael Kramer, who read all the Male POV chapters from the Wheel of Time series, which was written by Robert Jordan but finished by Brandon Sanderson following Jordan's death. Now that's a series I need to finish.

Anyway, in the end I found the magic in this world very interesting. The idea of swallowing and burning metals to gain powers seemed wrong at first, but felt natural by the end of the book. The characters were fun, and the villains were... well, they were very evil. The Steel Inquisitors, for example. These are guys who have two steel spikes (I pictured them as railroad spikes) driven through their eyes to gain their magical abilities.

I mean, these guys walk around with the flat ends of spikes for eyes and the pointy ends sticking out of the back of their head. And they are some straight up big bads.

But not as big or as bad as the Lord Ruler himself.

I'm really hoping they make a world class television show based on this world. Not a movie. I think we should be done trying to make movies out of epic sci-fi/fantasy series. These stories need more than two hours.

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