Kwik Shop Commando is a song from Trinity-X, it was a big part of our set list when playing clubs in 2000-2001, and it's one of my favorite songs, and not just from those I played on, it's one of my favorites in general.

My one big regret in life is that we never got a studio recording of the song.

This live version is the closest we ever got, and it was recorded live off the sound board, along with the entire set, at the Bottleneck in Lawrence, Kansas sometime in 2000.

We hadn't even planned on recording that night. If I remember correctly, the sound guy liked us, had a tape deck connected to the sound board, and decided to record the set. Then, of course, he gave us a tape.

That became what is now streaming as:

Trinity-X - Live at the Bottleneck:

The Kwik Shop, I should also mention, is a real convenience store, though if you have one in your area, you don't need me to tell you that.

In the early days of Trinity-X, we would often drive in to the local Kwik Shop in Eudora to hang out during a break at practice and get sodas and hot dogs or frozen burritos and such. It practically became a regular thing, meaning we were in there two to three evenings a week.

Anyway, I'm very much enamored with everything on the Live at the Bottleneck album because I think it's most of our best stuff -- meaning that if we had been able to play three or four more songs that night, it would have been ALL of our best stuff -- and I'm really glad it survived through the years because it's the only place I have now to listen to songs like Kwik Shop Commando or Daisy (another great song. Seriously, you should give the album a listen. Look below for more information).

One last thing before I let you go, just a little Easter Egg (I guess). I drop a stick during the song. Can you find the spot?

Stream Kwik Shop Commando and Live at the Bottleneck now on all the music streaming services such as:

Or download a copy for free at Atomic Zombie Records on Bandcamp.

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