The Real Me is a song from Trinity-X, and like Kwik Shop Commando, it was a big part of our set list when playing clubs in 2000-2001 and was also one of my favorites.

The Real Me appears, along with Swallow, Godless America, This Man, and a live version of Limit, on the 2000 release, No Apologies:

This was a demo we recorded at Guttersnipe Studios and was engineered by John Evans and features the very first time I recorded backing vocals on a release.

I never did backing vocals live, or at practice, only because we only ever had the one microphone. And considering that Derek was the lead singer, we kinda had to let him use it.

Stream The Real Me and No Apologies now on all the music streaming services such as:

Or download a copy for free at Atomic Zombie Records on Bandcamp.

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