Roaring vocals, chunky guitars, driving bass, and thundering drums make up this hard rock crunch metal garage band that once blew up clubs in the mid 90s in the Lawrence, Kansas area.

Vocals and Guitar: Shandon Bailey
Lead Guitar: Paul Hagedorn
Bass: Jon Freeman
Drums: Steeven R. Orr

From 1993 to 1996, I was the drummer in the band, Larry.

The name for the band was my idea, thinking that it would be funny to have a band name that was just an average guy's name. At the time, if a TV show or a movie needed an idiot brother character, or idiot neighbor, or idiot whatever, in many cases, their name turned out to be Larry, and so I put up that name as a potential name for the band.

For some reason, the other guys agreed.

In the time we were together we played over 200 live shows in and around the Lawrence, Topeka, and Kansas City, Kansas area, and recorded three demos consisting of three songs each.

Recently, all nine songs were brought together in one collection called All Inclusive.

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