So, I've been bitten.

By a spider, I assume, though I never saw what it was.

Though I have to imagine it looked like this:

I'd put on a jacket Sunday morning as I was leaving for work. Mainly because it had been raining. This jacket hadn't been worn in months. It was but minutes after slipping it on that something bit me on the arm.

It was rather stupid of me to pull the thing on before shaking it out. I mean, we have the Brown Recluse spider in Kansas.

Was this a Brown Recluse that bit me? I don't know. If it was, I got off light.

By that, I mean that my skin isn't blistering and rotting away.

I've been taking antibiotics since Monday, the highest dose, which messes with me quite a bit.

But it appears to be working.

What does this all mean?

It means I haven't really done jack this week.

The antibiotics make me nauseated. The bite itself, though it looks like a big bruise, burns like a bad sunburn and every now and again will send sharp, needle-like bursts of pain through my arm.

Still, it's getting better.

And frankly, I'm quite glad that I didn't get the proportionate powers of a spider from this bite. I mean, fighting crime? Can you imagine? Sounds like a lot of work.

So yeah, I didn't get much done this week.

But that doesn't mean that things haven't happened.

As stated above, I didn't really write this week.

I did, however, get this lovely message from of the folks at Tapas:

Hi Steeven! Just wanted to let you know that The Mighty is a Staff Pick this week! :)

That was after just posting the prologue.

So I went and looked at their Staff Picks page and this is what I found:

There it is. Third one. And that's All Genres, even.

That's pretty cool.

And hey, speaking of THE MIGHTY. I just started a new series of blog posts today called BEHIND THE MIGHTY in which I share how the Mighty came to be.

It was going to be a comic once, so there will be artwork and scripts and such as the weeks goes by. It's like DVD bonus material!

Check it out HERE.

This week, rather than talk about what I read or watched or stuff, I wanted to ask those of you who have a copy of any of my books, and have read them, to take a moment to go back to the online retailer where you picked up the book, and leave me a review.

Reviews help me get noticed, which is a good thing.

And of course, I'd be super appreciative if you did.

And if you don't want too, that's cool. I'm just happy you are reading.



Just last week I posted the PROLOGUE to my new on-line serial, THE MIGHTY. Now that CHAPTER ONE is up, I though it would be fun to take the next few weeks to talk about how THE MIGHTY came to be and show you all the scripts, artwork, and everything that got me to where I am now.

The Mighty began in 2008 as an idea for short story to contribute to an anthology comic. I started a script about a guy, who was a super hero, having a dinner date with his wife. The story was called Mid-Life Crisis, which I thought was just the perfect name.

I mean ... Crisis. That was a staple in the comic's world thanks to DC.

In the end, I was never paired up with an artist, but that turned out to be a good thing as I never finished the script.

I did have, however, a pitch.

This is what I put out there in order to entice an artist:

Oliver Jordan is an overweight man in his mid-30s living in Littleton, Kansas. He's slovenly, he's lazy, and he makes just enough money between his two dead end jobs to put a little food on the table and provide second hand clothing for his wife, a stay-at-home mom, and his two children.

Oliver's less than extravagant life style has caused a mild depression to wash over him and take hold of his daily life, losing him the respect of his wife and kids and placing him on the brink of suicide.

That is until the day he is given a mystical ring as a tip while out delivering pizzas in the dead of night. The ring allows Oliver to transform into a man of godlike proportions. Now blessed with rock hard abs, buns of steel, hair like flowing water, and amazing powers of flight and super strength, Oliver takes to the streets as a costumed vigilante to right wrongs, serve justice, save lives, and most importantly, regain the love and respect of his wife and kids.

Now, the idea had been that Oliver could change back and forth between his new, super hero body, and his own, fat body. Just like Captain Marvel.

But when Oliver showed up for his date with his wife, he's in his super hero body.

See, Oliver felt like he was losing the love and respect of his wife because he was overweight and, though working two jobs, couldn't provide his family with the good things in life.

In reality, while he was losing the love and respect of his wife, it was only because he had stopped caring. He had stopped caring because he thought he'd lost the love and respect for his wife. It was this whole Catch-22 thing.

But, I wasn't going to be able to put all of that in one short comic story.

So instead, he would arrive at his date in his superhero body, his wife would be upset, they would start an argument, then we would find that his arch enemy was eating dinner at the very next table. Cut to epic super battle.

Even then, it was too much to put into one short story.

But, there was light at the end of the tunnel. That light came in the form of Harold C. Jennett III, artist and now long time collaborator.

He liked the pitch and the two of use decided to do a comic.

At that point we began to plan and Harold began to sketch.

Littleton, Kansas was changed to Garrison City. Mid-Life Crisis was changed to My Super Mid-Life Crisis. And I started writing a script.

We didn't get that far. But I'll go into more of that next week.


Well, I went and did something stupid this week.

I started another online serial.

What would you do if you were given superpowers?

Oliver Jordan's day was like any other: Dealing with customers and coworkers at Job #1, getting delayed on the way to Job #2 by another senseless superhero battle, and delivering that last pizza of the night to Old Man Pembleton.

Except this time Mr. Pembleton's tip is far from normal. This time Oliver is given a ring that would grant him powers beyond his wildest dreams. Oliver only needs to figure out how to make the thing work.

Not an easy task when you are busy dealing with apathetic teenagers and alien abduction.

The Mighty is an online serial set in and around Garrison City, home to such heroes (or Mighties) as the Shadow Fox, Power Surge, Lady V, Spitfire, and the legendary Captain Might.

Can Oliver Jordan find the time to work two jobs, provide for his family, attend school functions, spend quality time with the wife and kids, and save the world?

Only time will tell.

Based on characters created by Harold C. Jennett III and Steeven R. Orr

Okay, so this is another one of those stories I started writing, got about 40,000 words in, tried to publish part of it before it was ready, then I took it down and it's just been sitting and collecting digital dust.

But this is a story I've been wanting to tell for a long time. Almost as long as Norman Oklahoma has been kicking around in my head.

It was originally going to be a comic that I was going to do with Harold C. Jennett III, the dude that I do the web comic with. But it was going to take up too much our time, and we just didn't have the time to put into it.

So Harold had urged me to just write the story. Which I started.

Well, now I'm going to finish it.

I hope.

This may have been a mistake.

But still, you should read it. You can do that over at the new Mighty Website, on Wattpad, or on Tapas.

Before I begin with the updates, the last chapter of Volume One of The Adventures of Norman Oklahoma went up this week. So, for the time being, there won't be any new chapters of Norman Oklahoma until I have this new story ready.

Speaking of which:

I'm currently on Chapter 6 of my first draft of the next Norman Oklahoma story. So that's eleven more to go when you include Chapter 6, you know, since it isn't completed.

At two chapters a week I should have the first draft completed by the end of June.

If you are a patron over on Patreon, I'll be giving you a first shot sneak peak next week, so look for that.

I've also written a new chapter for The Mighty Piñata, so I'm ready when I start posting again on 6/12. Which is a Tuesday.

That means when I am caught up in Tapas, and I start posting new chapters again on 6/12, they will move from Wednesday to Tuesday.

So that leads me into my schedule.

The Piñata will now be each Tuesday, starting 6/12.

The Mighty will be each Wednesday, starting now.

And The Adventures of Norman Oklahoma will be only once a week and on each Thursday. That will start at some point in the near future.

And to just give you all a general word count update, as of now I have written 75,752 words worth of fiction so far this year.

This week I listened to Black Horse Creek by Charles G. West.

Grayson is a former U.S. Marshall turned bounty hunter who is tasked with bringing bank robber and murderer Billy Blanchard back to Arkansas from Kansas. Dead or Alive.

Really, that's the set up. Except, Billy has two older brothers, and a father who run the town of Black Horse Creek in Kansas. Billy's father is just like him, meaning he's a real bad man.

When Grayson manages to capture Billy, Billy's father sends a couple of men after them and everything goes south.

I really enjoyed this Western. There was nothing new in the book that I've never come across before, but I don't think you get a lot of new concepts with a good Western. It's all about the characters.

Grayson is one of those guys that gets the job done. He doesn't back down and isn't afraid to step right out there and do what needs to be done.

There's not a lot more to say about it, other than I've moved on to another Charles G. West audiobook, so that should tell you that I found it good enough.

Was it Lonesome Dove? No. But then, what else is?





The Other Gunfight: A Weird Western Short Story is now available on Kindle Unlimited for you to read for free, if you have Kindle Unlimited.

If you don't, that's cool. Because, to celebrate, I've made it, along with Fanboys of Doom and Holliday's Gold, free today and tomorrow for anyone with an Amazon account. That's 5/18 and 5/19 only. Just a two day window.

Just click the links below to get your copy (if you don't already have one):





Just recently I put The Mighty Piñata up on a serialized fiction site called Tapas.

I'd read about the place months ago, and had planned on putting The Adventures of Norman Oklahoma up there back then, but the idea of updating so many places twice a week with a new installment made me pause. I am, if nothing, lazy.

But, for some reason, I decided to give it a try last week with Pinata. But, I only put up 9 chapters. Why? No reason.

Days go by without much in the way of views or subscribers.

Then I got sick on Tuesday. Just a stomach thing, but it meant I wasn't able to write a new chapter for Piñata.

I wasn't concerned. I was having fun writing the Piñata, but no one was reading it. Which really, once I thought about it, is a stupid, selfish way to think. Because yes, there were people reading it. There weren't many, but people were. So why should I discount them just because they are few?

I felt like an ass.

So, I figured I'd put in an update here in the newsletter that I would be taking a month or two off from the Piñata. I wasn't abandoning it, but I needed to concentrate on Norman Oklahoma.

I figured what I would do was continue to post the back chapters on Tapas once a week until I was caught up over there. By then (6 weeks) I should have some newer chapters written up. I'd have a buffer.

So, I go over to Tapas to post Chapter 10. That's when my mind, was, BLOWN!

I had gone from 1 subscriber (me) and 17 views the previous week, to 10 subscribers and a little over 1,200 views.


As I write this (today, just minutes before I send the email), I'm sitting at 15 subscribers and 2,475 views.

That's pretty exciting.

But, I don't quite know yet exactly how Tapas works. Maybe that's par for the course with stuff over there. I don't know.

I know I'm going to just keep doing what I'm doing. No new chapters of Piñata will go up on the site or Wattpad until I've caught up on Tapas. That should be six weeks.

Oh, and I decided to go ahead and put Norman up over there as well.

Wow, that was quite the introduction this week.

On to the other stuff!

I'm currently on Chapter 4 of 17 of my first draft of the next Norman Oklahoma story. It is yet untitled. That's 3 first draft chapters complete. 14 more to go.

Other than all that stuff I put there in the introduction, that's all I have about the writing stuff this week. Still motoring along, which is great.

Actually, I want to add, this past Thursday I started in on a new audio book. It's a Western.

I have to stop listening to Westerns.


Because now I want to write one.

I so want to write a Western. I even have an idea for one.

But when do I have the time to do that?

Never, that's when.

Yet, I toy with the idea all the time.

I think that if I wrote a Western, however, I'd have to do it under a pen name. Not one in which I would try and hide that it's me, but just to keep the brands separate.

Of course, now I have to think of a pen name.

Oh boy!

For the past week I've been reading The Infinity Gauntlet from Marvel Comics.

The Infinity Gauntlet was a six issue mini series from Marvel Comics in 1991. The series was written by Jim Starlin and pencilled by George Pérez and Ron Lim.

The story goes like this. Thanos, the mad Titan, gets a hold of the six Infinity Gems and attaches them to a gauntlet which basically makes him a god. He does this to impress Mistress Death and to hopefully win her affection. Kinda like when John Hinckley Jr. shot and wounded President Ronald Reagan in 1981 to impress Jodi Foster.

Thanos then uses the gauntlet to cause 50% of population of the Universe to cease to be.

Adam Warlock comes back from the dead and uses the combined might of those heroes still left on Earth (along with Doctor Doom) to fight back at the mad Titan.

That's where I am at this point, just getting ready to start in on Issue #4.

For those of you who are all caught up on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but who've never read the comics, will recognize Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet.

Well, I still need to see from Thor 3 and beyond, so no spoilers!

But, because of that, I can't tell you how what's in this book factors in to what's in the movies, other than Thanos and the Gauntlet.

I'm enjoying the book, I haven't read it since it first came out in 1991, which was - GREAT CEASER'S GHOST! - 27 YEARS AGO!

Does it hold up so far? Sure, I think so. Other's may not. But that's why we have opinions, so that we can argue endlessly online with people we will probably never meet in person.