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Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about Norman Oklahoma.

The Regarding Norman series is a chance for me to talk about all the dumb things I've done with Norman Oklahoma.

And by dumb things, I mean releasing books or stories that weren't ready, then taking them down, then trying them again, only to take them down again.

Sounds exhausting, right.

It was.

But I had to do it. I had to get through all of that to get to where I am now.

So let's talk about all that.

In Part One of Regarding Norman, I talked about how Norman Oklahoma got started.

In Part Two, I talked about the first book I started, but never finished.

In Part Three, I talked about Norman fighting zombies.

In Part Four, I talked about the Norman Oklahoma Christmas special.

Today, I'm going to talk about the Norman Oklahoma Comic Book.

Sometime back in 2010, Harold Jennett, friend and artist (Have you checked out Our Adventure Continues yet?) set forth to create an anthology comic to raise money for the homeless. He asked if I wanted to contribute a story, and of course, I said yes.

I took the story I'd started, The Golden Guns, and took just the encounter with the Walrus and turned it into a short comic story script called I Am The Walrus.

Harold then teamed me with artist Andrew Charipar and a few months later I had a comic story starting Norman Oklahoma. You can see Andrew's stuff HERE.

The story was black and white, but at the time that the artwork was coming in, I was learning the basics of flatting, which is filling in the artwork on a comic with solid color for the colorist to come in and then color the book.

So, with this new found talent, I colored the story. Not very well. Not very well at all, but I colored it all the same.

The basis for the story came about by accident. When I first wrote the scene, Norman wakes up one morning, and wearing just his robe and undergarments, enters his kitchen to find the Walrus sitting at his kitchen table. The walrus is there to kill him. Norman, in a sudden impulse to distract the Walrus and save his life, flings a carton of milk at the Walrus as he shouts: "Koo-koo-katchoo, fatboy!"

At one point, as I'm writing this scene, and as I'm stuck on where to go from there, I decide to double check the spelling of something.

See, here's the thing. I was trying to reference the song by the Beatles, I Am the Walrus, and I, for the life of me, was positive that the lyrics to the chorus were thus:

I am the egg man
They are the egg men
I am the walrus

I mean, I'm a huge Beatles fan. I truly believe that they are the single greatest rock-n-roll band of all time. I own all their CDs. I've seen the Anthology four times. So I was positive on those lyrics. But, I wanted to make sure that I was spelling "koo-koo-katchoo" correctly because I've never seen it written down before.

After all, I'd hate to put it out there and find out later that I'd spelled it incorrectly. I mean, what kind of Beatles fan would I be at that point, right?

So, I did an online search for the lyrics. I click on the first link I find, which is a fan site that someone created, and I see this:

I am the egg man
They are the egg men
I am the walrus
Goo goo g'joob

That's not right, I say to myself. The dude got it wrong. What an idiot.

So I dig further and check out the next site.

It too says "Goo goo g'joob".

Okay, I say to myself. This site stole it from the other or vice versa. They are both idiots.

But then every site I check shows the same. "Goo goo g'joob".

Now I'm getting worried. Could I have been wrong this entire time!?

I pull out my CD, Magical Mystery Tour, and I play the song.

Well, I say to myself. I suppose that he's saying "Goo goo g'joob", but it sure sounds like "Koo-koo-katchoo."

It is only then that I discover that the CD's liner notes contain the lyrics to the songs. It was "Goo goo g'joob" and I was shame faced. I felt as if I had betrayed my Beatles fandom.

But then I realized I had found the key to finishing the scene. Norman still says "koo-koo-katchoo" and he and the Walrus then argue over what the correct line is and in the end Norman uses that argument to win the day.

You still see it now in The Adventures of Norman Oklahoma Vol One (Available for pre-order now for just 99 cents). The biggest difference is that I swapped the milk carton for the coffee carafe.

That's the story behind the story.

But I bet you want to read the comic, don't you.

Well, you're in luck.

First, here are two pages to whet your appetite.

If you want to read the whole thing, you can download it on PDF by just clicking on this sentence.

Next week, Norman the podcast host!


ABNER LEMONZEO BEGAN HIS day with a hundred push-ups and a hundred sit-ups. It was a habit he’d gotten into while incarcerated. Actually, it was the one good thing he’d taken from the whole experience. Thanks to prison he was in the best shape of his life.

Following the exercises he hit the shower, and remained there until the water went cold. The freedom of being alone in the shower was something he’d never take for granted again. Not anymore. Back in prison a shower was something you did quickly. You got in and you got out. You also had to focus more on who was around you then getting clean. It was a nerve wracking affair.

Once well and fully soaked, Lemonzeo would, weather permitting, air dry on the veranda. Living out in the country as he did, he didn’t need to worry about neighbors being offended by the lack of clothing.

As he sat and let the air do its thing, he sipped on hot coffee and smoked a thin cigar. Normally, under such circumstances, Lemonzeo would be feeling good. Pretty darn great, to tell the truth. But not this morning. This morning Lemonzeo was more than a little anxious.

He had made what he thought was a necessary, yet risky decision yesterday morning. He’d agreed to help to kill Norman Oklahoma for a group of vampires in return for a substantial cash donation toward his various enterprises. Which, he could admit to himself, were not all completely legal. He’d figured it was easy enough promise. After all, he’d already sent a man to kill Oklahoma.

Not a man, exactly.

So he made the deal, thinking that Oklahoma was already dead. He’d have made it anyway; the deal was going to help him get back on top. To get back all that he’d lost when he’d been locked away.

And really, it had all seemed so simple. Kill Norman Oklahoma. One man. What could be so hard about that?

But then something had gone wrong. Norman Oklahoma had survived. Lemonzeo had hired one of the best, the Walrus, yet Oklahoma lived. Not only that, he had come to visit with Lemonzeo and got into it with the very vampires Lemonzeo had gotten into bed with.

The two vampires, Thomas and Alexander, were anything but happy when they’d left the Pub yesterday morning. Not that he blamed them, but in reality, it wasn’t his fault. He’d bought the best. But the best, it turned out, hadn’t been good enough.

Thankfully Thomas and Alexander didn’t make the decisions. They had a boss just like anyone else.

Bertram Brone.



HER NAME WAS JOY, though most of her adult life people had called her Daisy on account of the flower tattoo she had on her wrist.

She wasn’t too fond of the nickname, and so for the purposes of fostering positive vibes, she will be known henceforth in this tale by her given name.

Joy was a bus driver for an elementary school. Though to tell the truth, the act of driving chills her to the bone. She’d always been afraid of the responsibility of trying to control such power.

Her fear wasn’t baseless. When she’d been just fourteen, she’d been riding home in the family station wagon with her father. They’d driven into town to get milk and eggs, and as they had arrived home, her father had stopped at the bottom of their driveway.

To understand what happened next, you must first understand how long this driveway was. Which it was. Long, that is. Really long.

Joy and her family lived out in the country. They were fabulously wealthy due to her mother inventing a certain kind of flange that helped make teleportation possible. Their home had been built on the top of a hill and the driveway that led to it was like another road. In fact, they’d had to build a gate with an elegant looking sign at the bottom of the drive stating that what lay beyond the gate was a private driveway so that people wouldn’t mistake it for a county road and drive on up it, which had happened on more than one occasion.

So yes, as you can see, the driveway was pretty long.

“You want to park it?” He’d asked, nodding to the steering wheel.

“What?” She’d responded. “The car?”

“Heck yeah,” her father said. “You start Driver’s Ed next summer and you shouldn’t go into it with no experience at all.”

So they had switched places.



Diana, to her credit, never once blinked.

The ogres, for the time being, seemed content to just stand and roar challenges. I think the fact that Diana had taken out their chum all by herself gave them pause. Which was fine with me, I took advantage of the lull to reload each Peacemaker.

“How many of those door buster rounds you got left?” I asked.

“One,” Diana replied.


“I don’t think Officer Singer fully realized what we might encounter this morning when he stocked the car.”

I finished loading the second gun and pulled both, wincing again at the stabbing pain in my torso.

The two ogres continued to stand a few dozen yards away, roaring and posturing like a pair of testosterone-laden book ends.

“I don’t like this,” I said.



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