Friday, June 22, 2018


I just got the following email from nerdcore rapper, Mikal kHill:

Human Disaster is two years old!

My best (and possibly most slept on?) album, Human Disaster, 50% off for the next 5 days with the coupon code bawlingoutofcontrol

Produced entirely by myself and featuring musical contributions from Andy Weant, Jessamine Thursday & Cecil Decker and collaborations with friends like Ceschi, Tribe One, Sulfur & more. Probably my darkest work, an extremely personal record that marks the longest I have *ever* taken worked on a single release.

Hit up to grab the record and use the code at checkout.

And so, in order to join in on the celebration, I thought I'd repost my review of the album from back then. Here you go:

The following was originally posted on November 28, 2016.

I just finished listening to Mikal kHill's newest release, Human Disaster. Twice, actually . . . in a row.

Having done so, I wanted to share my thoughts.

Now, I've probably said this before, but when it come to reviewing something, be it a television show, movie, comic, album, or book, I'm not very good at it. I know what I love, I'm just not all that great of explaining why I love it. But I'm going to do my best here. Just know this one simple fact. Human Disaster is a great album and I am a big fan of Mikal KHill.

And there's a reason I'm a fan . . . dude can write.

Before I get into the LP, for those not aware of who Mikal kHill is, here's his bio from Bandcamp:

I make nerdcore rap about videogames, zombies, and feeling bad.

Co-creator of the Browncoats Mixtape & Slytherin Mixtape with Adam WarRock. 1/4th of NOFRIENDS. Founder of the ThoughtCriminals.

Straight from the gate, track one, Badlands, the beat booms out of my ear buds and I can't help but bob my head.

The beat/music is a big thing for me. I mean, you can have great lyrics, you can rhyme with the best of them, but if you're doing all that on top of weak beats then I'm never going to hear word one.

I don't know if he writes all the beats and music himself, but Mikal kHill has some of the best beats in the business. I mean, maybe it's my ear buds, but this album straight up thunders in my ears.

Take track five, Daddy Works. The beat is simple, but elegant. It proves what I've been saying for a long time (not here, but I have been saying it): Less is more. Not always, you have to do it right, and Mikal kHill does it spot on with this track.

And the lyrics? Well, I'll use Daddy Works again. I'm a father of three, and I work two jobs, meaning I'm not around as much as I'd like. Daddy Works hits me on so many levels and the song makes me want to jump in my car and speed home.

Another track that stands out to me is Spent our Lives on Fire featuring Tribe One. This one may very well be my favorite song on the album.

A common theme of Nerdcore rap is sharing the spotlight. Meaning, guest rappers and/or singers. And Human Disaster has it's fair share.

Tribe One, Ceschi Ramos, cecilnick of Autocorrect, Sulfur, Clara Bizna$$, Shane Hall, and RUUNE all send some time with Mikal kHill on this LP. Tribe One and Sulfur are two of my favorite Mikal kHill colaborators. The others, I'm encountering for the first time on this album, but I'm going to be keeping an eye out for them.

So there it is, my thoughts on Human Disaster. Why do I love it? Because it hits all my buttons for rap: Great lyrics, rhymes, flows, beats, and music.

If you're a fan of rap music, you should check out Human Disaster.

You can preview it here by clicking this link.

Or just click the album cover: