Wednesday, June 29, 2022


This is the original line up of Noise Carnival performing live at the Waldo Bar in Kansas City, Missouri sometime in early 2000.

I have a warning in the opening of the video because the screen flips and skips and all that throughout the whole video. While this might not bother some, it could drive others a bit crazy.

There are some issues with the audio in parts of this video as well, especially the first part of the opening song, but, it was recorded originally on a camcorder from the early 90s.

Frankly, I'm not sure why I put it up except that it's the only copy we have.

Anyway, I remember that we weren't allowed to be too loud. I don't know if there was a noise ordinance in the area or not, but there are times where you can hear someone off camera telling us to turn down slightly and all that. I think the proprietor had a decibel meter or something.

This is Part One because we played for about 20 minutes, took a break, then came back and played for 20 or so more.

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